Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch coming next week, report suggests
A recent report suggests that next week’s Pixel 4 event will also see the Google Pixel Watch finally get unveiled. We’ve heard the same last year.
Pixel Watch
New rumor resuscitates Pixel Watch hope, suggests it’s coming this year
The Pixel Watch we’ve all been waiting for for years is now back in the headlines as a new rumor suggests it might come this year.
Is it time to wear smartwatches again? | #PNWeekly 323
We have a big bunch of your favorite tech ‘tubers talkin’ about how they can influence thoughts and in which direction they should go with new smartwatches.
Google makes it official with invitations to October 9 event
The date has been set and now everybody knows about it. Well, thanks to the people who got invited to the show. Google’s having one in New York.
Pixel Watch
No Pixel Watch this year, but Huawei isn’t giving up
While Google confirmed there will be no Pixel Watch this year, Huawei said the company was committed to working on smartwatches.
Google’s Pixel Watch could finally spark interest in Wear OS smartwatches
Google is working on a Pixel Watch. What feature does Google’s Pixel Watch need to make it a “must have” for you? Can it save smartwatches?
What happened to responsibility at Google I/O 2018? | #PNWeekly 304
Duplex was great and all. Android P made a big step towards wider, faster distribution. But what about privacy? We talk Google I/O on this week’s show.
“High confidence” on Pixel Watch with Pixel 3 event this fall
Given that Google is trying to spruik new development on Wear OS, will up to three watches under its Pixel brand help wit h the cause?
The lack of new Android Wear smartwatches isn’t a bad thing
There are a lot of things being prepared in the “Google Watch” department. So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if Google itself advised its wearable partners that it might be wise to “wait and see”.