Dev-ported Pixel Launcher makes every feature actually work
If you prefer the clean look of the Pixel Launcher but haven’t been able to get everything working properly, try this neat-o port.
New look Google Feed screen on Pixel phones
One Pixel XL received the new design. It’s essentially an intermediate page that lets you look into stories and your latest reminders.
Android 7.1.2 beta 2: Pixel C gets new launcher, Nexus 6P gets fingerprint gestures
The Pixel C finally gets a launcher of its namesake while the Nexus 6P finally gains something its lesser sibling could do since a while back.
More Android O features in active chatter
A list of bullet points and plenty of speculation as to where the next version of Android will go. But will all of these features land in May?
The Google Rumor Roundup: mobile that matters
From the Pixel phones to the Andromeda products to all things smartening up the Internet of Things and your Wi-Fi network, Google is getting on steroids.
Nexus Launcher looks to be rebadged as Pixel Launcher [UPDATE: APK]
The Nexus Launcher is not happening, but the exact same thing is. It’s just going to be called the Pixel Launcher, because… Google. Phones.