Don’t wait for a better Pixel Slate – Google pulls throttle on laptops and tablets
The company actually supposedly had a whole bunch of tablet and laptop projects down the pipeline when the staffing cuts took place.
Google crushes all hopes of future OS updates and security patches for ancient Nexus Player
It was easy to predict but that doesn’t make it any less sad. Discontinued way back in 2016, Google’s Nexus Player is officially reaching the end of the road in terms of software support as well.
Pixel and Nexus devices do not get November 6 level patch for KRACK
Those devices have the November 5 level patch, which does not have the fix. Let’s hope Pixels and Nexuses get there sooner rather than later.
November patch out for Pixel 2 XL and others, but OLED and bugfixes are big
The month’s security update is out with patches to combat KRACK and system vulnerabilities. The Pixel 2 XL is the biggest beneficiary.
Factory resetting in Android 8.1 Developer Preview can brick device
If you have a problem and happen to have forgotten your unlock code for some reason, you better hope you don’t need a factory reset.
Android O Developer Preview 3 out with final APIs
Android app developers are being urged to work on their products and implement new APIs in time for Android O’s final launch in mere months.
Android 7.1.2 beta 2: Pixel C gets new launcher, Nexus 6P gets fingerprint gestures
The Pixel C finally gets a launcher of its namesake while the Nexus 6P finally gains something its lesser sibling could do since a while back.
Android 7.1.1 Nougat launches
If you have a Google Pixel or an eligible Nexus device dating back from at least 2014, you’ll be getting this iterative update over the next weeks.
Nougat rollout for Nexus 6P is indeed delayed, Huawei still working on it
The exact cause of Google Nexus 6P’s Nougat delay remains under wraps, but Vodafone Australia claims Huawei is working to resolve the “issue” ASAP.
Pichai: Nexus stays with OEMs, but Google has more authority
Google sometimes treads its own path into certain product territories. It did so with a tablet recently. Why not into its own Android phones?
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
Charging the HTC 10 with another adapter does actually have some risks
We’re hearing of a case of an HTC 10 heating to extreme temperatures after charging off of a Pixel C power block. It all gets tricky from there.
iOS still tops in Australian tablet market, but could face challenge from Windows
The market’s contracting with Android losing out to iOS and Windows, but with the rise of convertible tablets, we may see the big bang, part two.
If you’re “Feeling Lucky” at home, you can play the Google Store Claw on Twitter
Stop by the Google Fiber Space at SXSW this weekend and have a crack at a free Pixel C, a Nexus or Android Wear. Not there? Play via Twitter!
Android N developer preview makes an early arrival: split-screen and more
Learn about split-screen support, enhanced notification options, and all the changes in today’s surprise Android N developer preview release.
Why I’m keeping the Pixel C, flaws and all
Google’s new convertible has taken a lot of flak from the media (Pocketnow included). But after using the Pixel C for a month, I like it enough to keep it.
Keeping up with the ‘Lardasses’ | Pocketnow Weekly 179
This week on the podcast: the smartphone with the stupid-sounding name (but the wicked-awesome value) and Kardashian jokes. How can you resist?
Google Pixel C review: a beautiful tablet with an identity crisis
Google’s new convertible isn’t the Surface or iPad Pro competitor it appears to be – but it’s also one of the best Android tablets you can buy today.
Bumpy batteries and Star Wars Droids | Pocketnow Weekly 178
As usual, we’re covering plenty of tech talk on this week’s podcast – but don’t be surprised if we get hung up on the new Star Wars Droid Turbo 2 editions.
Pixel C evidence suggests Android OS was an afterthought
Google sure looks like it did everything it could to make its new tablet a Chrome OS device, and the Pixel C Android OS direction was a last-minute save.
Google confirms Android split-screen “in the works,” possibly for Android N
Will we get Android N split-screen multitasking support next year? These comments from a Google dev sure make it sound like a possibility.
Pixel C now at Google Store starting at $499
We’ve been on-and-off on what this Pixel C tablet has been about.…
Android invasion, iPhone immersion, Experian explosion | Pocketnow Weekly 168
We talk new Nexii, T-Mobile’s big privacy fail, LG’s new camcorder phone, and a 60-minute iPhone immersion that’s redefining “waterproof.”
What exactly is the Pixel C?
All the leaks did what they were supposed to. Numbers next to…
New Google Android tablet may still be coming this year – but not as a Nexus model?
Will Google skip a new Nexus tablet this year and deliver the rumored Google Pixel C, instead?