Don’t wait for a better Pixel Slate – Google pulls throttle on laptops and tablets

The company actually supposedly had a whole bunch of tablet and laptop projects down the pipeline when the staffing cuts took place.

Google Assistant now works with Pixel C

The Pixel C is no Pixelbook. That’s because the Chromebook got the Google Assistant before the Android tablet did. Funny that happened.

Google crushes all hopes of future OS updates and security patches for ancient Nexus Player

It was easy to predict but that doesn’t make it any less sad. Discontinued way back in 2016, Google’s Nexus Player is officially reaching the end of the road in terms of software support as well.

Pixel C ends run at Google Store

The premium Android tablet of 2015 that was rumored to have been the start to a revamp of Chrome OS is now off the first-party retail outlet.

There is one Android 8.1 image for all Nexus and Pixel devices

The update is on the loose, but if waiting up to two weeks to get the latest file, you can download and flash the one ROM to rule these devices.

December Android security bulletin will be the first to truly patch KRACK

More details about further fixes and special features for the Pixel and Nexus devices will be disclosed later. The first batch is out now.

Android 8.1 Oreo gets second and final developer preview

The maintenance review update is coming next month, but the beta goes on for another month. This time around, optimizations for low-spec devices.

KRACK patch for Pixel and Nexus devices due in December

On the whole, it’s safe for Android devices to interact with Wi-Fi — even with the KRACK bug in effect — but it’d be nice to get that patch expedited.

Pixel and Nexus devices do not get November 6 level patch for KRACK

Those devices have the November 5 level patch, which does not have the fix. Let’s hope Pixels and Nexuses get there sooner rather than later.

November patch out for Pixel 2 XL and others, but OLED and bugfixes are big

The month’s security update is out with patches to combat KRACK and system vulnerabilities. The Pixel 2 XL is the biggest beneficiary.

Factory resetting in Android 8.1 Developer Preview can brick device

If you have a problem and happen to have forgotten your unlock code for some reason, you better hope you don’t need a factory reset.

Android Oreo images finally out for Nexus and Pixel devices

New build names and the last major update, potentially, for phones named Nexus. Android 8.0 is out on the Google devices.

Android security patches for July are up for Nexus, Pixel devices

Right after HMD Global updated its Nokia 6 devices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The big fixes in this set of patches include a major media framework hole.

Play Store downloads indicate that Google Pixel sales have finally breached 7 digits

The installation count for the launcher app, exclusive to the Pixel and Pixel XL, has rolled over from the 500,000 milestone to 1 million.

Android O Developer Preview 3 out with final APIs

Android app developers are being urged to work on their products and implement new APIs in time for Android O’s final launch in mere months.

Nexus and Pixel security update for June patches major Qualcomm holes

Qualcomm is fixing some major security holes with this late update, but Android stays at the general 7.1 level and on Nougat.

Nexus and Pixel images for May are out

While the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are out for major version updates, they continue to be supported for the security updates, like this month’s wave.

Android 7.1.2 images are out for all applicable Nexus and Pixel devices

After hints of the update moving to a limited device pool over the weekend, we disseminate the build names for some clues as to how the sausage gets made.

Android 7.1.2 OTAs heading out to Pixel C, Nexus Player

Odd that two fairly marginalized frontier devices are getting the minor update first. Maybe it’s because everyone’s still playing with Android O.

Android 7.1.2 beta 2: Pixel C gets new launcher, Nexus 6P gets fingerprint gestures

The Pixel C finally gets a launcher of its namesake while the Nexus 6P finally gains something its lesser sibling could do since a while back.

The painful truth: No Google Assistant support for Android tablets, at least not yet

More and more Android Nougat and Marshmallow-powered phones have Google Assistant interaction on the way, but tablets are still left out.

All signs (and comments) point to no more Google Pixel laptops

Still expecting a third-generation Google Pixel laptop announcement later this year? It’s probably not happening, at least not under that name.

No more 32GB Pixel C Google Store availability, and the 64 gig’s days are also numbered

Still in the market for a powerful but decidedly experimental Pixel C tablet with 32GB storage? You’ll need to start looking outside the Google Store now.

Android 7.1.2 Nougat beta underway today, final release expected in a couple of months

Nougat’s next maintenance release is Android 7.1.2, already heading out to select Pixel and Nexus devices in public beta form.

Google Play Services rolling out Instant Tethering feature to Pixels, Nexuses

No need to dig through settings and match up Bluetooth codes on the Nexus 9 and Pixel C. They can instantly connect to phones on the same Google account.