Mid-range Xiaomi Mi 5c smartphone goes official with in-house-designed Surge S1 SoC

The Android 7.1-loaded $220 Xiaomi Mi 5c is the first smartphone powered by the company’s first homebrewed SoC, the Surge S1.

Xiaomi Mi 5c ‘Meri’ with in-house Pinecone SoC benchmarked running Android 7.1.1

It’s too early to say anything about the real-life speed of the Pinecone SoC, but the Xiaomi Mi 5c sure looks promising, Android 7.1 and all.

Xiaomi will release even more mid-rangers and high-enders this year, Pinecone SoC coming this month

Xiaomi’s mid to high-end smartphone portfolio will reportedly be expanded in 2017, starting with a Mi 5c next month powered by an in-house Pinecone SoC.

Thank goodness unlimited plans are alive again | #PNWeekly 240

Unlimited data is suddenly the hot new thing on the block again. We talk about the players in the game, plus Huawei, LG and the iPhone 8 on our show!

Xiaomi “Pinecone” chipset project may be wedge against Qualcomm’s licensing rage

Rumors have been rounding the forest for a long time about Xiaomi’s in-house processor and it seems that we’re getting within weeks of a “Pinecone” phone.

Xiaomi isn’t in any financial trouble, even reportedly cooking up in-house mobile SoC

Xiaomi global VP Hugo Barra isn’t concerned in the least about the company’s recent smartphone sales slump, with key revenue coming in from elsewhere.