Pocketnow Daily: FaceApp could be STEALING your PHOTOS… (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about how FaceApp could be stealing your photos, the new ASUS ROG Phone 2, Samsung’s new 12GB RAM chip and more
Grainy Sony Xperia XA3 photo leaks show off CinemaWide display
A benchmarking app used in the photos isn’t suited to fit the 21:9 aspect ratio of the device, but that’s okay, it’s still a Sony Xperia XA3 leak.
Moto G7 Plus unboxing shows 27W charging
These photos show a couple of neat features that will be coming to the mid-range Android phone series from Motorola next month.
OnePlus 7 leaked with inverse notch, perhaps also a teardrop notch?
Two concepts are shown, both featuring barely any bezels at the edges, save for a housing above the display and with one device featuring a teardrop notch.
This could be the new iPad mini 5, but there’s no flash in sight
This could be the final design of the upcoming 5th generation iPad mini, or a prototype that will give us a better idea of what to expect
Google Fi may no longer be a “Project”
Google’s wireless service may not be a project anymore, but when is the new logo coming out? It’s seen right here in this greeting card.
Xiaomi Mi 8X will be “youthful” according to a leaked box
A 24-megapixel selfie camera, a 6.3-inch display and… a Snapdragon 660 processor. That last bit may have disappointed a few wishlist writers.
Elephone combines OPPO Find X, Huawei P20 Pro and vivo NEX S into… this
It’s a frankenstein of Chinese ingenuity and it comes from a small-time Hong Kong-based manufacturer. So, how does the Elephone U2 mix and match?
Pixel 3 XL unboxed and there’s more to it than the notch
A fully furnished Pixel 3 XL box has been sent to a Russian publication. Turns out, the source says, Google has forgotten about a shipping container.
The OPPO F9 looks like the vivo X23 looks like the OnePlus 6T
We update the price of the OPPO F9 and bring on the possibility that the vivo X23 could serve the Chinese market with a similar hardware design.
Four cameras and more: see what’s inside the RED Hydrogen One
RED has sent documents to the FCC to certify that that Hydrogen ONE follows radiofrequency output rules in the United States.
Most people will have to live with the iPhone 9’s thicker bezels
It’s expected to replace the design that’s been on the iPhone 8, 7 and others before with an iPhone X-like approach, but with some compromise.
Hatsune Miku edition Xiaomi Mi 6X unboxing experience doesn’t disappoint
It’s only a nominal bit of cash more than the top-spec version of this device and it comes with a vanity power pack and a cute clear case.
iPhone 9 fast charging power adapter revealed in pictures
It’s as fast as the rumors have envisioned and their shape looks just as rounded, too. And for many iPhone owners, charging isn’t the best as it can be.
Xiaomi doing another Hatsune Miku special edition, this time of the Mi 6X
If you’re a fan of this Vocaloid character and missed out on the special edition Mi Note 4X last year, you’ve got another window to get to China.
Galaxy S10? iPhone X Plus? Photoshopped? What is this?
Whatever this phone is, a prominent Chinese tech leaker is talking a bit esoteric about the future and what smartphones can be.
Samsung’s Project V was a foldable phone much like the Axon M was one
If you recall what ZTE did in taking a second screen and tacking it onto a phone, this is what this canceled prototype was going for.
Galaxy Note 9 shutter button in protective case actually lanyard holes
The Galaxy Note 4 was probably the closest we got to getting a camera shutter button on a big Samsung phone. It wasn’t going to start this year.
LG K30 debuts on T-Mobile tomorrow, here are the specs
According to source materials, this budget phone will be the latest one to feature support for T-Mobile’s newest cellular spectrum.
Nokia 7 Plus gets revealed in presentation slides
The big partner to the current Nokia 7 is still waiting in the wings, but we’re getting closer to a feel for the uptown mid-ranger.
Huawei P20 lite is most likely candidate in leaked photos on Weibo
Based on gathered intelligence, themes from previous product cycles and one big clue in the pictures, we could have the entry-level flagship in our sights.
Alcatel 3v specs leaked along with store demo mode video
More leaks have come around for one of many new phones from French outlet Alcatel Mobile. We compare a prior leak and see what’s actually changed.
10GB RAM, 512GB storage rumored for vivo Xplay 7
The spec wars seemingly go on with new leaked material from China regarding a flagship smartphone-to-be with more than just numbers to back it up.
So far, Fuchsia OS looks good on a Pixelbook
More things work on it than we’d thought, but it’s still a very broken experience. And yet, there’s progress and a clear idea of what Fuchsia wants to be.
If you enjoy components porn, this post about the iPhone 7s is for you
If you live for pictures of logic boards and silicon, — not silicone — then we have something more exciting than the pants on fire iPhone 8 speculation.