This is my favorite phone as a Photographer
For the past decade or so, my primary criteria for choosing a smartphone has been its camera capabilities. For numerous years after the Nokia Lumia 1020 was released, there was no innovation in smartphone camera capabilities. Happily we’ve finally reached a point where smartphone cameras are better than ever, and here’s my current favorite.
Sell your unused devices on Swappa, raise some cash for the new year
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cameras on Swappa
Now you can buy and sell cameras on Swappa
If you’re into photography, you’ll be happy to find out that you can now buy and sell cameras on Swappa. Check out the details!
LG camera
LG survey reveals smartphone camera expectations ahead of V40 launch
A recent LG camera-related survey reveals not only consumer behaviour and new usage trends, but also level of satisfaction with smartphone cameras.
48MP Sony IMX586 imaging sensor announced
The new Sony IMX586 chip is a 48MP stacked CMOS image sensor for smartphones. Sample shipment planned date is for September of this year.
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We show you how to improve your mobile photography and take awesome pictures using the Huawei P20 Pro.
4 Mobile Photography Tips: improve your pictures on the go (video)
We’ve got four mobile photography tips for you in the video below, which will definitely help you take your imagery to the next (or to a decent) level.
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No phone provides more control over the camera out of the box, but does that mean it’s a “good” camera? Here’s our LG V20 Real Camera Review!
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Google claims its newest phones features the best smartphone camera ever made. Google Pixel, a great DXOMARK score doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best…
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Why does your camera shoot too dark or too bright after you focus? It’s probably because of metering. What is metering? Here’s how to improve your photos!
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LG G5 Real Camera Review: Dual Camera Fun
LG is using two camera sensors on it’s newest flagship. Do dual sensors offer an advantage over a single sensor? Here’s our LG G5 real camera review!
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Selfie’s are a big deal, and Oppo thinks they’ve got a monster solution. A phone with a 16MP front camera. Here’s out Oppo F1 vs iPhone 6S selfie battle!
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