This could be the first image of a real 6.1” iPhone
Rumors keep coming before the launch of many flagship smartphones, this time we get what could be the real first photo of the 6.1″ iPhone
Blass cuts into the grain with OnePlus 6 leak
The look of the device seems all normal until you notice what appears to be wood grain on the massive rear panel. What’s up?
HTC Ocean pictured front and back with characteristic “U” gloss
Evan Blass has put out some real pictures of the flipsides, but no side-sides of the HTC U. And those sides are the most important ones we want to see!
Is Andy Rubin’s Essential going non-bezel, non-Android?
One of the fathers of Android may abandon the operating system of his creation to start fresh and take a new, bezelless approach to smartphones.
The little details: Samsung Galaxy S8+ branding is leaked
According to an image obtained by leaks reporter Evan Blass, the Galaxy S8 Plus will not be noted as such. Instead, it will take the lead from the S6 edge+.
Weibo lights up with unexplained real-life Galaxy S8 photo [UPDATE]
Bottoms up! A new photo from Chinese social media appears to show the Galaxy S8, its headphone jack and its massive screen.
The LG G6 and the HTC U Ultra have more in common than you think with this leak
Once you start taking a look at the two devices side by side, you’ll see what we’re getting at. A photo leak of the LG G6 has cropped up.
Clearer pictures, possible prices for LG Watch Style
Google is said to be kickstarting Android Wear 2.0 with two LG-made smartwatches. One of them is a petite, stylish and cheaper option.
LG Pad III 10.1 leaked, looks like half a laptop
The frontal design for this rumored Android tablet has some weird bottom design flourish on it while the back has a hatch or something… what?
Just another picture of the Dell Stack with its desktop dock
The story of Dell’s Stack computing product has held us and left us wanting more. In terms of further information, we only have one picture to share.
LG LV5 leaked, but all is not what it seems
With only a codename to work with and a render to stare at, we’re pretty much stuck in guessing territory about this LV5 and whether it’s a flagship or not.
OPPO R9S and R9S Plus seen in ads, marketing material
A seven-month improvement off the OPPO R9 and R9 Plus and there’s a whole bunch of business and ballyhoo to get excited for the R9S.
Xiaomi Mi 6 photo leak keeps things pretty simple
So, the Xiaomi Mi 5 got a sibling release just a couple weeks ago, but before then, it took 22 months for a full iteration to happen.
ZUK forums show off leaked Hasselblad Moto Mod
Here’s a fancy camera grip to give you optical zoom and variable aperture to work with on your Moto Z or Moto Z Force. It may be shown at IFA.
Facade of iPhone 7 Pro leaked along with iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7
The facades of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro have been leaked. Not much new we can tell you from this view, though.
Galaxy Note 7 Zauba listings out waterproofedness
An Indian import-export database has listings for a component of the Galaxy Note 7 that is “waterproof”. Good sign for those who take their work poolside.
Verizon rumored to start carryover data, overage stopgap
It’s also rumored to let you run with unlimited data (kinda) and use Verizon service in Mexico and Canada, but all these features come at a price.
iPhone 7 metal casing has speakers, space oddity
In photos leaked out purporting to show the metal case of the iPhone 7, we see two speakers, no headphone jack and a nasty camera bump.
Okay, we’ve seen this vivo X7 Plus before…
Yeah, it’s not exactly the most inspiring design we’ve seen out of Infinite Loo-I mean China, but vivo is number three in the Chinese market.
Samsung Gear S3 photo leak barely gives anything away
If you like sketchy, overexposed pictures of a presentation video, you will love what got dug up on the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch.
OnePlus 3 Taobao avatar gets leaked
We get another look at how the OnePlus 3 will be sold on Taobao, China’s eBay. It’s a week until the the smartphone is officially launched.
Is Super VOOC on the OPPO Find 9? Leaked marketing talks of 15-minute full charge
Waiting is hard. Waiting for your phone to charge? Hard. Waiting for a long-delayed phone? Also hard. What if that phone, said to come soon, had Super VOOC?
Weibo claims iPhone 7 camera has laser-assisted focus
Lasers do a lot of stuff — like helping cameras focus on things. Chinese microblogging site Weibo expects lasers to come with the iPhone 7.