nubia MWC 2019 event will bring a foldable smartphone you can wear
nubia is sending out invites for its MWC 2019 event, where it teases the alpha, a wearable foldable smartphone you can slap on your wrist.
Protect your Swappa-purchased used phone starting at just $50 for one year
Want to make sure that used phone from Swappa will last you at least one full year? Cough up as a little as $50, and get exhaustive device protection.
All phones sold in India will need to integrate ‘panic button’ starting next year
To reduce violence in general and violence against women in particular, the Indian government will require all local phones to feature a panic button.
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Choosing a new smartphone is serious business. If you’re on MetroPCS, which phones should you consider? We break down the best MetroPCS phones available.
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Eradicating The Phone Number: How StarStarMe Might Change The Future of Calling
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Durable Phones Shouldn’t Have To Be Crappy Phones
I’m not saying every phone needs to be ruggedized; what I’m saying is that those who need durable smartphones should have better options than mid-range devices running obsolete operating systems on outdated hardware.