nubia MWC 2019 event will bring a foldable smartphone you can wear

nubia is sending out invites for its MWC 2019 event, where it teases the alpha, a wearable foldable smartphone you can slap on your wrist.
Lava Red OnePlus 5T

The Lava Red OnePlus 5T is not my Valentine

I’m a sucker for red phones! Guilty! I said it. In a world of black, white, navy, silver, or gray gadgets, I welcome a phone that feels like you’re alive, like the Lava Red OnePlus 5T.

Protect your Swappa-purchased used phone starting at just $50 for one year

Want to make sure that used phone from Swappa will last you at least one full year? Cough up as a little as $50, and get exhaustive device protection.

Verizon $300 discount applies to all phones above $400

As long as you get a phone with a retail price above $400 and pay for it over 24 months at Verizon, you’ve got some good choices here.
Foldable smartphones

Samsung exec ‘thinks’ a bendable phone is ‘around the corner’ – 2016 launch still possible?

You probably shouldn’t rule out the official announcement of the oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone happening this year after all.

Why aren’t we talking to our phones more?

Talking to my phone is probably one of my favorite things to…

All phones sold in India will need to integrate ‘panic button’ starting next year

To reduce violence in general and violence against women in particular, the Indian government will require all local phones to feature a panic button.

Instead of punishing people who text and walk, this German city is encouraging them

If you can’t eliminate texting and walking, embrace it and try to combat it some other way, this German city’s officials must have thought.

Seeking Alpha says BlackBerry smartphones are done

This investor knows how to get attention drawn to his conclusions. He predicts that BlackBerry smartphones will have to be done soon.

What tech accessories should go into your emergency kit?

Can you keep your phone powered and protected during an emergency? Here are the top accessories you should keep in your emergency kit.

Microsoft strikes app-loading deal with Acer, 74th of its kind

The Office pool has grown just a bit larger. ASUS signed with…

Oppo R7 Plus Unboxing: “Huge” first impression

Watch our unboxing video of the Oppo R7 Plus, the larger sibling to the Oppo R7 that we reviewed recently, but with some cool tricks up its sleeve.
Axe Google+

Google decides to fight bloatware by setting an example

Learn more about some changes that Google has begun to practice with the apps you require installed on your future Android smartphone or tablet.

LG applies for trademarks on G3 Lite, G3 Beat, and more

New LG trademark applications include the names G3 Beat and G3 Lite, along with other anticipated smartphones from the South Korea-based phone manufacturer.

MetroPCS phones: which phones should you consider?

Choosing a new smartphone is serious business. If you’re on MetroPCS, which phones should you consider? We break down the best MetroPCS phones available.

Moto X+1 boot animation shown off in new video

The Moto X+1 boot animation has found its way into a video, along with a glimpse of the hardware we could possibly be seeing out of Motorola this summer.

Knock Code makes its way to AT&T LG G2 in latest software update

The latest AT&T LG G2 update brings to the device LG’s “Knock Code” feature, along with more additions.

Apple may hold large in-store iPhone event this week to improve sales

Apple may be planning a large iPhone event this week in order to boost sales and clear the way for upcoming products.

What is Windows Embedded 8 Handheld and how is it different from WP8?

What is Windows Embedded 8 Handheld? How does it differ from Windows Phone 8? We’ve broken it down for you. Read on to learn about the future of retail!

Pocketnow Insider: Taylor’s best app finds of 2013 (Video)

With hundreds of thousands of new applications, what are the best apps of 2013? Taylor rounds them up in this video! Watch and tell us your favorites!

Pocketnow Insider: Taylor’s top Android and iOS apps

With over one million applications available to Android and iOS, it’s tough to pick favorites. Watch this video to learn Taylor’s top Android and iOS apps!
best smartphone

One price doesn’t fit all: a cost breakdown of the top mobile platforms

Mobile platforms are generally compared with a series of different metrics. But which is the most expensive mobile OS? Read on to find out!

Eradicating The Phone Number: How StarStarMe Might Change The Future of Calling

StarStarMe is a Sprint service that offers to replace your phone number with a “screen name” of sorts. Read on to find out why I think this is the future of communications.

Durable Phones Shouldn’t Have To Be Crappy Phones

I’m not saying every phone needs to be ruggedized; what I’m saying is that those who need durable smartphones should have better options than mid-range devices running obsolete operating systems on outdated hardware.