Google apps going “Dark Mode” because Android won’t
For years, Android has been torturing users’ eyes at night without a dark theme. The fanbase has been clamoring for a dedicated mode.
Google Phone app now shows your location during an emergency call
If you’re placing an E911 call, the dispatcher has instant access to your phone’s location, but you might not be so aware. This development should help.
The First Camera-Phone, Ever | #PNWeekly 257
One of its creators, Philippe Kahn, retells the story of how it came to be and gives his sentiments on today’s mobile photography etiquette.
Off-beat: the first phone call in the world happened 140 years ago this week
There’s some contention when you mention Alexander Graham Bell’s name around historian, but it is supposed he made the first phone call, ever.
Nexus 6P vs Nexus 5X
Battle of the Beasts: Nexus 6P vs Nexus 5X vs Nexus 6
Google’s new smartphones will be hitting the shelves soon. Which should you get? Nexus 6P vs Nexus 5X, or last year’s budget-priced Nexus 6.
HTC One colors
Poll: what HTC One colors should the company do next?
We’re looking at potential HTC One colors and we’d like to know what flavor would you like HTC to make its next One available in. Vote and check results!
Four New Nokia Phones
Nokia Introduces Four New Phones at Mobile World Congress
Nokia introduced 4 new low-midrange phones at the Mobile World Congress 2013, in Barcelona.
Why Isn’t Call & Text Blocking A Standard Feature?
Mobile phones have been around for over two decades now. Their primary function has remained unchanged through all that time: they exist to connect you with other people. But sometimes, the people “giving you a jingle” aren’t people you want to communicate with. In such cases, there should be a unified, standardized approach to blocking that connection.
Route Planner USA for Pocket PC
Available for download now for all Pocket PC owners, from the TomTom…
Verizon Wireless Launches Internet Access For Pocket PC
Underscoring its ongoing commitment to providing mobile professionals with innovative services to…
Sierra Wireless Signs Supply Agreement with Bell Mobility
Sierra Wireless today announced that it has signed a supply agreement with…
Handheld PC helps on the go
Toilet hunters, rejoice! Now your wireless Palm handheld computer can point you…