Apple clarifies what Face ID and TrueDepth data developers have access to

In short, no Face ID data is transmitted to app publishers, period. But they do have access to an API to track the faces you make at their app.

Apple’s Phil Schiller brushes off Amazon Echo and Google Home, hinting at Siri-based rival with a screen

He doesn’t come out and say it, but Apple’s SVP of Marketing finds the Amazon Echo and Google Home useless, with something better in the pipeline.

App subscriptions just part of series of changes Phil Schiller to make to App Store

Apple is adding new ways for its app developers to make more money than they are right now. Will it be enough? And how will customers react?

What the “SE” in iPhone SE means — or why, seriously, stop the letters and numbers crap

An iPhone’s name is kinda like life: what the heck does it mean? And seriously, can we stop the symbolic letters and numbers crud?

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Apple’s Phil Schiller uses last year’s testimony in today’s trial vs. Samsung

If you haven’t been following the developments, today is Apple vs. Samsung,…

Is Apple’s Jab at Android Security Valid, or Just Sabre Rattling?

Find out if the comment from Apple’s Phil Schiller about Android safety has any merit, and why statistics and percentages don’t tell the whole story.