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OnePlus 7 launch

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Bigger sales and smaller phones in the future of OnePlus

OnePlus is doing great with sales in the United States, and it’s already working on giving us more features and a new smaller phone in the future

OnePlus won’t compromise on wireless charging and won’t have it until it’s better

The CEO of the company is looking for faster, more efficient and non-destructive ways to charge his phones. Until then, it’s business as usual.

‘Honest’, premium OnePlus 6 design confirmed to use glass back providing ‘sense of value’

The OnePlus 6 will move away from the all-metal chassis of the 5T and the brand’s sandstone roots, embracing a “premium” and “honest” glass design.

Don’t worry, you will be able to hide the OnePlus 6 notch… eventually

If you don’t feel ready to “love the notch” just yet, Pete Lau wants you to know a “black-out” feature will be delivered to the OnePlus 6 after the phone’s commercial debut in a software update.