Apple predicts dire consequences settling with Qualcomm over China iPhone ban
Apple is scrambling to update iPhones in China to avoid utilizing Qualcomm patents, but wants to fight off settlement and avoid “unrecoverable losses.”
Apple is 20 percent less confident in the success of its 2018 iPhones than 2017 variants
Apple may want to manufacture around 80 million of those three 2018 iPhones, down 20 percent from the initial production target of the 2017 generation.
On Reddit, Foxconn leakers AMA sees impacts on iPhone 8, Apple Iris
A unique, e-ink keyboard for Macs may not appear in color anytime soon while we may never get to see smart glasses from Apple…
An iPhone made in the USA? Apple may have convinced Foxconn to move
Apple’s largest contractor for assembling iPhones may be down with the idea of setting up shop in the US amid major political and economic pressures.
Labor activists slam Apple for higher demands, cost-cutting regime
China Labor Watch analyzed the paystubs of workers at Pegatron’s Shanghai complex and found that as local minimum wages went up, theirs went down.
Factories prep for three iPhone 7 models, including iPhone 7 Pro or Premium
Rumors out of China signal that Apple’s subcontractors are hiring like crazy to fill the needs of a third iPhone 7 model this year, likely called the “Pro”.
When Apple loses, Taiwan loses
Apple recorded a 13 percent yearly drop in revenue last quarter. But some Taiwanese companies that supply parts for the iPhone have it worse.