Pebble shares new, lower smartwatch prices – and they’re retroactive

There’s a new set of $50 Pebble Time price cuts, and the discount’s good even if you placed your order over a month ago.

Pebble Times will soon support wrist payments if you back this smart strap Kickstarter

A simple and very traditional-looking “smart strap” aims to bring mobile payment support to the Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round in July.

Pebble updates galore: fitness-tracking Pebble Health, timeline UI for first-gen models

Big updates are hitting Pebble smartwatches today, with Pebble Health debuting for Time models, and the new timeline UI coming to first-gen Pebbles.

Pebble Time Round finally scores a discount of its own, goes on sale for $200

After being skipped for Pebble’s Black Friday promotions, we’ve finally got us a Pebble Time Round sale, offering the smartwatch for about $200.

Pebble Time lineup now enabled for voice and text replies on AT&T iPhones

If your iPhone is on AT&T, and you also use a compatible Pebble Time, Time Steel or Round, you can now answer iOS messages with your voice from the wrist.

The Pocketnow Holiday Shopping Guide 2015

Updated December 9: The Nexus 6 has been dropped from the Google…

Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Classic available at discounted prices from OEM

Black Friday also comes early to Pebble, as the smartwatch legend already sells the Time at $130, down from $200, and Time Steel at $200 ($50 off).

Pebble Time Round hits stores this weekend, as pre-orders start going out

The arrival of Pebble Time Round sales this weekend means you’re just days away from your first chance to go hands-on with the new wearable.

Voice dictation on Pebble Time now open to third parties

Learn more about how Pebble is bringing Voice Dictation for the Pebble Time to third party developers as of a new update starting today

Will the Pebble Time Round make a difference?

The Pebble Time Round introduced the first round Pebble smartwatch. But is “round” enough to draw people back to Pebble? The debate is on!

Pebble Time Round debuts as company’s first circular-screen smartwatch

Pebble just announced the Pebble Time Round with a circular screen, and there’s even a way to exchange your Pebble Time Steel for this new model.