Fitbit may only be interested in Pebble’s software, Time 2 and Core nearing cancellation [Update: confirmed]

Wearable market leader Fitbit is almost certainly closing in on buying smartwatch pioneer Pebble, but only for the latter’s software “assets.”

Pebble 2 goes up for pre-orders, $100 Pebble 2 SE slated for November launch

The $130 HR monitor-including Pebble 2 wearable is widely available for pre-orders now, while the lower-end, lower-cost 2 SE is due out next month.

OG Pebble Time smartwatch up for grabs at crazy low $70 ($80 off list) on eBay

Time isn’t exactly on the first-gen Pebble Time’s side anymore, but the cross platform-supporting smartwatch makes up for its age with low pricing.

Two new Pebble Time Round finishes are available on Kickstarter in gold or silver

If you favor style over functionality, and don’t mind waiting until September, the Pebble Time Round can be had in premium gold and silver finishes at $200.

Pebble launches Happiness app, opens activity tracking algorithms to the public

Always keen to innovate, try out new things and discover unique technologies, Pebble has a couple of neat software tricks up its sleeve for its fans today.

Pebble just might get it after all

The Pebble 2 is already a steal at the “starting price” of $99 for backing their Kickstarter or even their advertised retail price of $129.

Pebble launches ‘best Kickstarter yet’ for two new smartwatches and a 3G ‘ultra-wearable’

Yet again, Pebble takes to Kickstarter to preview not one, not two, but three wearable devices this time around, including a cellular-enabled ‘magic button’

Pebble: First to the race and last across the finish line?

If Pebble can’t convince me that they have a bright future, how in the hell can they convince the everyday “Joe” to buy one?

Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pebble Time score some solid deals

We’re feeling really tempted to part with $90 and take advantage of this Pebble Time deal.

Latest batch of Pebble updates brings iOS Text Reply to Verizon, timeline snooze, and more

Pebble is updating its cross-platform family of smartwatches with a number of functionality and stability improvements for both iOS and Android.

Pebble shares new, lower smartwatch prices – and they’re retroactive

There’s a new set of $50 Pebble Time price cuts, and the discount’s good even if you placed your order over a month ago.

Pebble Times will soon support wrist payments if you back this smart strap Kickstarter

A simple and very traditional-looking “smart strap” aims to bring mobile payment support to the Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round in July.

Pebble updates galore: fitness-tracking Pebble Health, timeline UI for first-gen models

Big updates are hitting Pebble smartwatches today, with Pebble Health debuting for Time models, and the new timeline UI coming to first-gen Pebbles.

Pebble Time lineup now enabled for voice and text replies on AT&T iPhones

If your iPhone is on AT&T, and you also use a compatible Pebble Time, Time Steel or Round, you can now answer iOS messages with your voice from the wrist.

The Pocketnow Holiday Shopping Guide 2015

Updated December 9: The Nexus 6 has been dropped from the Google…

Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Classic available at discounted prices from OEM

Black Friday also comes early to Pebble, as the smartwatch legend already sells the Time at $130, down from $200, and Time Steel at $200 ($50 off).

Pebble Time smartwatch scores temporary 25 percent price cut

Is now the right time to pick up a smartwatch? With the new Pebble Time sale in effect, you might want to make up your mind soon.

Voice dictation on Pebble Time now open to third parties

Learn more about how Pebble is bringing Voice Dictation for the Pebble Time to third party developers as of a new update starting today

Where does the Microsoft Band 2 fit in with the competition?

The Microsoft Band 2 is arguably better than the 2014 original, but it has trouble setting itself apart from both rival smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Pick me up a six-pack of tablets, willya? | Pocketnow Weekly 166

On today’s Pocketnow Weekly: LG and Microsoft fire up for fall; Nextbit launches a cloud-based smartphone; and Amazon starts selling, yes, tablet six packs.

IDC: Apple Watch will lead explosive wearables growth, but not necessarily forever

IFA 2015 was apparently, at least in Hayato Huseman’s eyes, all about…

Pebble Time scores feature-packed firmware update

Learn about all the extra ways you can customize your smartwatch experience with this week’s new Pebble Time firmware.

Your personalized Pebble Time experience

It’s easy to have a personalized Pebble Time experience and it goes beyond the watch face. Check out what I’m packing on my Pebble and start customizing!

Pebble Time makes brick-and-mortar debut as smartwatch comes to stores

You can now go pick up Pebble’s latest smartwatch at your convenience, with Pebble Time sales coming to major US retailers.

Pebble Time: a day in real life with the smartwatch (Video)

The Pebble Time is one of the hottest new smartwatches to hit…