Pebble updates galore: fitness-tracking Pebble Health, timeline UI for first-gen models
Big updates are hitting Pebble smartwatches today, with Pebble Health debuting for Time models, and the new timeline UI coming to first-gen Pebbles.
Pebble, Pebble Steel to finally get timeline update as opt-in beta next month
With the arrival of an opt-in beta, the long-promised Pebble timeline update for non-Time models will finally be here in December.
Pebble teases new hardware for later this year, along with wildly different software
There’s new Pebble hardware in the pipeline, along with a new look for its software.
Most exciting things of 2014
Looking back, we’re trying to find the 2014 winners in mobile technology. If you disagree with our editors, name your 2014 winners in the comments.
Pocketnow Black Friday deal roundup: smartphones, tablets, wearables galore
It’s time for our Black Friday 2014 deals roundup! Read up and learn about all the money you’re about to spend this holiday weekend.
Here’s what Android Wear OEMs and Pebble can learn from the Apple Watch
Last week, we finally saw the wearable Apple has been working so tirelessly on. Here’s what Android Wear OEMs and Pebble can learn from the Apple Watch.
Why a Pebble Android Wear smartwatch makes no sense
Will there be a Pebble Android Wear smartwatch? Some skeptics say it’s the only way Pebble will survive. Read why we disagree and why Pebble will be fine.
Pebble firmware and iOS app updated with notification enhancements and more
A new Pebble firmware update is rolling out (along with a new version of the iOS companion app) bringing notification handling enhancements and more.
Pebble Steel – After The Buzz, episode 34 (Video)
How has Pebble Steel fared over the last few months? Has the software improved? Is the hardware holding up? Find out in our Pebble Steel review update!
Pebble Steel meets brick-and-mortar retail sales this weekend
Best Buy sees the start of Pebble Steel sales this weekend, but find out what you’ll be giving up to save $20 over the online price.
Pocketnow Weekly 088: Moto 360, Android Wear, and hacking a path to Inbox Zero
Android Wear’s LG G Watch and Moto 360 watch pretty much blew our faces off this morning. Tune in to the podcast for our impressions on the new wearables!
Moto 360 Android Wear
Moto 360 makes me regret my recent Pebble Steel order
The Motorola Moto 360 and Android Wear were just announced. Read why these two products were exactly what the wearable space needed.
Pocketnow Weekly 087: the calm before the #ANHO
TabPRO reviews; iOS 7.1 impressions; Windows Phone 8.1 vids with a soothing beat. All that and more on another pre-#ANHO episode of the Pocketnow Weekly!
Pocketnow Weekly 086: @evleaks
He’s the world’s most notorious leaker – and on this week’s show, he sits down for an interview. @evleaks joins us for the Pocketnow Weekly; you should too.
Pebble Steel review: a smartwatch in disguise
Pebble Steel is a compelling, beautiful smartwatch. But is it worth the seemingly high price tag? Check out our Pebble Steel review to find out!
Smartwatches sorely need cross-device app standards
Without a standard, cross-platform smartwatch apps may be doomed before wearables get off the ground.
Pocketnow Weekly 083: Nexus 5 giveaway, Android apps on Windows Phone, & HTC M8 rumors
Nick Gray of HTCSource joins us this week for a deep dive on the HTC M8 rumors, Android apps running on Windows Phone, and much more. Tune in to the show!
Pocketnow Weekly 081: Lenovo buys Motorola, Galaxy S5 fingerprints, & interview with special guest Ryan Negri
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Wearables will not replace smartphones … yet
Smartwatches are little more than peripherals. But could there be a standalone watchphone? Read why the wearable smartphone won’t exist for some time.
Pocketnow Weekly 080: HTC M8 x, Galaxy Note 3 Neo, a $50 Motorola smartphone & a resurgent BlackBerry
“Our revels now are ended.” So it was in The Tempest, and so it is in the post-vacation world. HTC M8 x, Note 3 Neo, & much more in this week’s podcast!
Android on cars, Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Pebble Steel comments & more – Pocketnow Daily recap
Pocketnow Daily gets an average of 300 to 500 comments a day,…
Why haven’t we seen a smartwatch for women?
Smartwatches are heavily geared towards men. They’re big, bulky, and masculine. Read on to learn why we have yet to see a smartwatch for women.
CES showed us just how far ahead Pebble truly is
Pebble Steel came to the surprise of many at CES 2014. Some feel the update wasn’t enough. Read why Pebble will continue to dominate in 2014.
CES 2014 wrap-up: boring, but not a total wash
CES is officially over for 2014, but our thoughts are not fully summed up … yet. Read this CES 2014 wrap-up for our takeaways from the show!
Pocketnow Weekly 078: CES 2014 wrap-up – the best and worst from Vegas
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