iPhone 8’s Face ID explained and demonstrated

The final version of iOS 11 has been leaked in a “golden master” and now we’re dissecting the software interface and hardware behind “Face ID.”

Fresh batch of iPhone 8 revelations includes resizable home button, Pearl ID features and more

A bunch of new info on the upcoming iPhone 8 has been discovered by taking an even closer look at HomePod firmware, including more Pearl ID details.

More details on iPhone 8 ‘Pearl ID’ crop up, along with 4K Apple TV ‘confirmation’

Pearl ID, aka Face Unlock, on the upcoming iPhone 8 is truly starting to sound like a competent Touch ID replacement. That 4K Apple TV is exciting too.

iPhone 8 facial recognition, “Pearl ID,” may authenticate Apple Pay purchases

Within the repositories for the HomePod comes these mentions of “pearl” when it comes to authenticating contactless payments on the iPhone 8.