Jolla Sailfish OS begins life on Planet Computers Gemini PDA
Sailfish OS is still kicking around and it has a new toy to play with: it’s a PDA that made big splashes during CES 2018.
Planet Gemini & BLOCKS: Crowdfunded Gadgets at CES 2018 (Video)
The modular smartwatch project took a year to rejigger itself for 2018 while Planet Computers is hoping for some success with its technostalgia product.
Microsoft Cortana Android
Cross-platform Cortana is the smartest thing Microsoft can do with the service
Microsoft Cortana can do a lot of things, but one thing it can’t do is operate on competing platforms – not yet anyway. But what if it could?
Pocketnow Throwback: Sony CLIÉ PEG-NR70 (Video)
In 2003, few PDAs came close to the feature set of the Sony Clie NR70. Twelve years later, we take another look at one of the boldest handheld ever made!
Cortana on Android
I hope Microsoft brings Cortana to Android
Google Now and Siri are great, but Microsoft’s new voice assistant has some impressive tricks. That’s why I want to see Cortana on Android!