Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx takes portable computing to the “extreme”

It’s Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset yet and it will be on select computers starting next year to go toe-to-toe with Intel-fueled machines.

Microsoft Surface patent hints at possible redesign and thinner keyboard

A recent Microsoft Surface patent filing with the WIPO reveals the company’s plans to make a thinner keyboard, which could lead to a Surface redesign.

Samsung foldable laptop coming with flexible display

Smartphones aren’t the only thing you’ll be able to fold. A Samsung foldable laptop is coming that will feature a bendable display.
Office 365

No more Office 365 install limits starting October 2

Microsoft is changing its Office 365 device install limit policy, offering subscribers more for the same amount of money.

Qualcomm showcases HP ENVY x2 as another Always Connect PC with full Windows 10

HP’s Windows 10 tablet offering has a Qualcomm chipset in it for LTE connectivity and long-lasting battery life. It is due out in spring of 2018.

HP still dominates as Windows PC OEM, Surface Pro 4 most popular from Microsoft

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro (2017) is getting adopted at a nice clip while the Surface Laptop is just starting to creak through the floorboards.

In-depth: What is Windows 10 S and why does it exist?

What’s special about Windows 10 S? Why is it here? Why should you want it? And would you even want it? Learn more and find out.

Spotify on Windows Store coming soon for PC

The app is coming to all Windows 10 platforms if “all” is just the PC through a Project Centennial port. Sorry, Windows 10 Mobile fans.

Convertible PC craze catches on with Alcatel PLUS 12

You won’t be able to chug power on the go with this Windows 10 convertible, but the PLUS 12 does offer LTE in its complementary keyboard.

KGI: a MacBook with 32GB of RAM is coming this year

Analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who has had a track record with most tech observers, is also claiming that 2017 will be a fine year for Macs in general.

Eve and Indiegogo lead joint AmA on Reddit

The crowd-designed Eve V convertible PC had its manufacturing crowdfunded on Indiegogo and it set records that many were not expecting.

Lenovo 2Q17 earnings continue sliding, net income achieved

Lenovo hopes to be able to see its mobile business group make money by the middle of next year, but progress seen this quarter must continue.

Pushbullet supports Allo messaging from PC

A small step for Allo, but will it lead to more steps to reaching out to potential users? Or will we keep dubbing it as the iMessage that never was?

Surface Studio, Surface Dial trademarked in Slovenia ahead of Microsoft event

The terms “Surface Dial” and “Dial” were also recently protected, all of them in Slovenia by a company owned by a law firm that Microsoft employs.

Microsoft hardware event set for October 26, Surface Phone could be as late as 2018

The Surface tabletop all-in-one could be the center of the show along with an update to Windows 10 and some gaming news as well.

Crowdfunded GOLE1 PC dual-boots Windows 10 and Android

WIndows 10 Home and Android 5.1 will be on the fully-funded GOLE1 PC, touted as the “smallest Intel All-in-One PC in the world”.

PlayStation VR may get to play with PC, but the PS4 comes first

But it’s only a possibility so far. A Sony executive talked deep about the PlayStation VR at the Game Developers Conference.

Microsoft needs to make an x86 phone

Find out why it’s time for an x86 smartphone that runs full Windows 10 and real Windows programs.

HTC mulls over Vive PC bundles

Surely bundling in a Vive-compliant PC will take away some of the hassle of the purchasing experience, but does it make sense financially?

The Huawei MateBook may be a thing come later this year

Huawei applied for the “MateBook” trademark last fall and reports from China claim that the company will start producing notebook PCs in April.

iPhone shipments topped PC shipments in 2015 (by at least one measure)

And if trend lines continue on exactly as they portray for the next 12 years, Mac shipments will overtake PCs. But hey, we’re only talking about a chart!

Remix OS for PC alpha release arrives: get your multi-window Android on

Learn how you can get the Remix OS for PC alpha on your spare PC right now, giving you a functional multi-window Android interface.

Off-beat: VAIO, Fujitsu and Toshiba considering merging to take on Lenovo in PCs

Just because the PC market’s contracting doesn’t mean that competition doesn’t get…

The Remix Mini puts Android in desktop form and is on Amazon

It’s not like Continuum where you plug in your phone and get…

Google is getting more search volume from smartphones than PCs

Google is web search around here. Below all the smartphones and IoT…