After Facebook, BlackBerry also wants Snap to pay for messaging patent infringement

Canada-based BlackBerry Limited may be out of the mobile phone-making business, but it’s certainly not out of the tech company-suing business, setting its sights on Snap Inc shortly after Facebook.

BlackBerry wants Facebook to pay for alleged infringement of messaging app patents

BlackBerry Limited is on a suing spree, and the Canadian company’s latest target is also its most high-profile yet. Facebook doesn’t seem willing to settle either.

BlackBerry will pay Nokia $137 million, try to hit back with other patent lawsuits

This could be the beginning of an ugly legal war between BlackBerry and Nokia, as the former is disappointed to have to pay the latter $137 million.

Apple loses big in drawn-out Wisconsin patent clash, having to pay $500 million+ to a university

Samsung, Nokia and Qualcomm have been trying for years to squeeze money out of Apple in patent lawsuits, with a university ultimately hitting the jackpot.

Qualcomm and Meizu reach patent license agreement for 3G/4G technology

Semiconductor giant and leading 3G/4G patent holder Qualcomm has just signed another undoubtedly lucrative licensing deal, this time with Meizu.

Apple indirectly goes after Nokia in patent lawsuit, Nokia aggressively countersues

Nokia and Apple are right back at it again after years of relative peace, bringing patent-related legal action against each other in US and Germany.

Another patent trial verdict is overturned, this time favoring Apple over Samsung

Apple wins another important battle in the never-ending patent wars with Samsung, looking for additional victories in the weeks to come.

Patent hoarder VirnetX defeats Apple in Texas retrial, but appeals could change everything… again

Apple is dealt another temporary blow in its futile efforts to keep patent trolls at bay, technically needing to pay one $300+ million.

Apple loses patent case against patent firm Acacia Research

This is not Acacia Research Corp’s first mobile tech rodeo in the courts, but the experience and the location of the court pays off against Apple.

BlackBerry goes after unlocked smartphone specialist BLU Products in latest patent battle

It’s BlackBerry Ltd. v. BLU Products, Inc. in the newest patent infringement complaint, arguably a much lower-profile case than Apple v. Samsung wars.