After Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi, Huawei also strikes Nokia patent licensing deal

Yet another high-profile Nokia patent licensing agreement will see Huawei cough up a non-recurring catch-up payment, followed by recurring “multi-year” fees.

Qualcomm calls relationship with Apple ‘strong’ and ‘broad’, anticipating eventual patent peace

Qualcomm CEO Steven Mollenkopf strongly believes his company and old-time ally turned bitter legal rival Apple will soon be able to bury the patent hatchet.

Nokia licenses Xiaomi to use ‘essential’ patents, new alliance extends to VR, AR and AI

After Microsoft, Xiaomi has found another high-profile patent partner in Nokia, with the two collaborators also agreeing to “explore” VR evolution.

Apple builds legal case against Qualcomm piece by piece, chipmaker on the defensive

The Apple vs Qualcomm legal war over “double-dipping, extra-reward” licensing systems in place for years is looking more and more serious by the day.

Nokia and Apple agree to bury the patent hatchet… again, signing new ‘multi-year’ license

One less patent war Apple needs to worry about, with a new “multi-year” Nokia agreement in place requiring an upfront cash payment and recurring fees.