modular foldable RAZR

Foldable Motorola RAZR + Moto Mods = Modular foldable RAZR next year?

Published in August, a patent application describes a clamshell foldable smartphone which could be enhanced with modules, pretty much like Moto Mods before.
Samsung Galaxy Fold review:

New Samsung Galaxy Fold or competition for the Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface Duo may soon get competition with this new device that looks like a Samsung Galaxy Fold with Dual Display

Galaxy S11 ‘Hubble’ camera will have ‘Space Zoom’

Samsung has filed to trademark “Space Zoom” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Its ‘Hubble’ camera gets a space-themed feature.

Samsung wants to ditch the notch by reversing it

This patent application reveals how Samsung is trying to work around the notch, by inventing the reverse notch, a crossover between a notch and a bezel.

Apple logo could double as notification light on future iPhones

All iPhones have the Apple logo on the back, but future models could turn the logo into an actual notification light, as per the patent.

Samsung, too, has patented a double-folding smartphone

This patent describes a double-folding smartphone from Samsung featuring a large flexible screen and two hinges for a Z-fold.

Double-folding smartphone patented by LG

LG has been avoiding the foldable topic for the past year, but it might jump straight to a double-folding smartphone, as this patent filing reveals.
Pixel 4 render

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Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge + Galaxy Fold = Galaxy Fold 2?

A recently uncovered patent makes us curious about what the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could end up being. Would you want it to look like this?

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iPhone 11 Max

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apple logo

Apple granted patent for foldable iDevice, could double fold

Apple was granted a patent describing a foldable iDevice which, according to the drawings, could double fold into a closed state.

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Triple-selfie-camera LG phone patented by the company

A recently uncovered patent filing reveals that LG is at least considering the idea to equip future smartphones with a triple-selfie-camera setup.

Is Samsung working on a double-folding smartphone like Xiaomi’s?

A recently uncovered patent application describes a double-folding Samsung phone, pretty much along the lines of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Fold.
clamshell foldable smartphone

Is Google working on its own clamshell foldable smartphone?

Google might or might not be actively working on a foldable smartphone but there’s at least one patent showing off some efforts.

Huawei patents triple-camera smartphone with a display on the back

A recently uncovered patent application describes a triple-camera Huawei smartphone with an extra display on the back for your selfies.

Is Apple already working on a foldable iPhone?

A foldable iPhone might still be very far out, if at all, but a recent patent filing that was uncovered details Apple’s foldable efforts.

Will Samsung put a camera inside the S-Pen this year?

Samsung was recently granted a patent by the USPTO that hints towards a future Galaxy Note what has an S-Pen Camera with optical zoom.

OPPO punch-hole smartphone hinted by patent filing

A newly uncovered OPPO patent seems to describe a punch-hole smartphone, and the way OPPO wants to conceal the hole is interesting.

Will the Galaxy S10 feature a secondary display area?

A recently uncovered patent describes how Samsung might be working on a secondary display area for the punch hole. Is it for the Galaxy S10?

The iPhone 7 and 8 models are no longer available in Germany

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 variants are no longer for sale in Germany through the site of after Qualcomm took a dangerous gamble
LG foldable smartphone

LG foldable smartphone patent describes outside folding approach

A recently uncovered LG foldable smartphone patent takes a different approach and proposes an outside folding construction.