Security & Privacy: Your Fingerprint isn’t your Password – and neither is your face or iris
Regardless of whether or not you’re one of the “paranoid” people who doesn’t want others snooping in their personal effects, your fingerprint, iris, face, or voice isn’t your password, and you’d be wise not to treat it as such.
LastPass will let you sync all your passwords across all your devices for free
While there’s still a Premium, paid LastPass option for security nuts, the free service gains multi-device access and synchronization.
500 million Yahoo accounts hacked by “state-sponsored actor”
The data is from around late 2014 and is comprised of scrambled passwords, unencrypted security questions, dates of birth, account and real names.
Brooklyn iPhone cracked by Justice Department, obviates case with Apple
The crack has nothing to do with the zero-day exploit the FBI acquired to crack the San Bernardino case. Someone just decided to turn in the passcode.
US District Judge: Forcing defendants to turn over phone passcodes unconstitutional
Privacy and security are two major ingredients in the cutthroat world of…
5GHz WiFi - Image credit: Java Shock
The perfect password: is there such a thing, and how to choose it?
Passwords secure everything in our digital lives, but as important as they are, is there a perfect password, and how should you go about choosing it?
Google Wants One Ring To Rule All Your Passwords
Learn about Google’s plan to replace your passwords with a ring.