New Mate, New Axon, New BlackBerry ft. CrackBerry Kevin | #PNWeekly 275 (Audio)

The Huawei Mate 10 and ZTE Axon M for AT&T got their launch events this week! We talk about those and BlackBerry’s latest moves with CrackBerry Kevin!

Black Friday at BlackBerry brings DTEK50 price down by 18 percent

Several other BlackBerry phones running BB10 have also received some vicious discounts. If you’re interested in the Priv, it’s got a big cut, too.
BlackBerry going Android

BlackBerry’s in-house smartphone swan song is still ‘coming’, QWERTY keyboard and all

Contrary to popular belief, BlackBerry isn’t altogether done with internally building smartphones yet, prepping one final keyboard design.

BlackBerry stresses ‘keyboard is here to stay’, but in what form?

Don’t worry, physical QWERTY keyboard devotees, as your precious is alive and well as far as BlackBerry is concerned, even after the Classic’s death.

Obama dropped BlackBerry and now the Senate has, too

Staffers have been clinging onto their BlackBerrys for a while, but with the Ontario-based company turning a different leaf, it may not be for much longer.

Get the full scoop on the upcoming BlackBerry Neon, Argon, and Mercury phones

Instead of giving up on producing phones, or at least taking it easy in the hardware sector, BlackBerry apparently has a trio of new Androids up its sleeve.

BlackBerry Priv bundle drops to $650 unlocked, Passport now $400 by itself

That long-promised BlackBerry Priv discount has arrived, but it’s not exactly substantial. Specifically, it’s $50 off stateside.

BlackBerry Priv and Passport sold with free accessories through February 24

It’s technically not discounted, but the BlackBerry Priv can now be bought with gratis bundle accessories normally worth $100, which is still something.
BlackBerry Passport from an Android Perspective

BlackBerry World app store offers big holiday discounts for BB 10 users

In case you haven’t given up on BlackBerry 10 just yet, you can get dozens of marked-down apps from BlackBerry World through Christmas.

BlackBerry Black Friday deals don’t include Priv

The plague of recently-released devices means that those devices will most likely…

The Pocketnow Holiday Shopping Guide 2015

Updated December 9: The Nexus 6 has been dropped from the Google…

BlackBerry keeps the Passport going with new Silver Edition hardware

Learn what cosmetic changes are in store for the new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.

Leaked render shows Android running on BlackBerry Passport hardware (Venice, too)

A new Android BlackBerry Passport render has just leaked, attempting to reveal the company’s work bringing Android to some of its existing hardware.

BlackBerry “Venice” specs rumored as possible evidence of Android testing emerges

We take a look at the hardware that may go into the rumored BlackBerry Venice, which could just be the company’s first Android model.
BlackBerry Passport from an Android Perspective

The BlackBerry Passport from an Android Perspective

What happens when Joe the Android Guy goes hands-on with the BlackBerry Passport: is it a cruel joke or a foreign, yet forgiving experience? Let’s find out!

BlackBerry Passport AT&T edition: unboxing and first impressions (Video)

You’ve been begging us to cover it; now, our sample device is finally here. Join us as we take a close first look at the BlackBerry Passport AT&T edition!

BlackBerry Passport gets a new design for AT&T

There’s a newly-refreshed BlackBerry Passport design coming soon to AT&T in the States.