More power for more iPhones? A10 gets benchmarked as orders go up

The A10 chipset gets its struts measured as we look forward to what power the iPhone 7 can rein in. That as more chipsets and other components get ordered.

Taiwan industry to Apple: prices go down this far, no further

Taiwanese outlet Digitimes is reporting that Apple’s typical contractors for iPhone components are not budging from their price offers.

Industry insiders say Apple power playing parts makers for profits

Taiwanese sources are saying that manufacturers are cutting down on prices, promising better quality per batch and competing against newer players.

ZTE cooperating with Commerce Department as exports reprieve is extended

The Commerce Department is holding off on an exports ban that would shut off Chinese manufacturer ZTE’s access to US-made parts and software.

Huawei P9 camera may not have had Leica hardware involvement

Leica makes some good lenses and Huawei has some good phones. The two have teamed up to “reinvent” the smartphone camera experience, but…

Samsung worried about Galaxy S7 getting hot, Taiwan industry on the case

Winter is coming and all we can worry about is too much heat. The…

The ultimate portable charging solution (video)

Our devices are always hungry for power, but there is never an outlet around when you need it. What we need is the ultimate portable charging solution!