Samsung brilliantly taunts Apple yet again with hilarious new Galaxy S9 ad
Samsung’s always imaginative marketing department strikes again, pitting the Galaxy S9 against the archaic iPhone 6 to remind the world of Apple’s performance throttling scandals.
College football fans brilliantly mock Apple for recently fixed iOS 11 autocorrect bug
That weird autocorrect bug replacing the letter “i” with an A followed by a question mark symbol on iOS 11.1 devices continues to draw expert mockery.
Samsung pokes fun at ten years of iPhone releases in new 60-second ad (video)
Samsung’s latest Apple-mocking commercial might be its best yet, taunting the chaebol’s arch-rivals for a full decade of immature iPhone releases.
McDonald’s basically suggests its new shake-sipping accessory is as frivolous as Apple devices
Apple is no stranger to ads released by competitors aimed squarely at spoofing its iDevice launches, but the latest such video comes from McDonald’s.
T-Mobile completely misses the mark with new anti-AT&T commercial (video)
Having to pay administrative fees is nowhere near as bad as getting head lice, but T-Mobile sure likes its advertising hyperboles.
Drake returns Taylor Swift’s favor, clumsily working out to ‘Bad Blood’ in fresh Apple Music ad
Both Drake and Taylor Swift think Apple Music is “distractingly good”, suffering gym injuries while listening to each other’s catchy tunes.
President Obama randomly jumps on Samsung Galaxy Note 7-mocking bandwagon
After he’s done ruling the free world, President Obama could build a career as a stand up comedian, based on this hilarious Galaxy Note 7 quip.
LG randomly texts users in India ‘news’ of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7
LG sure has a funny way of mocking arch-rival Samsung for Galaxy Note 7 explosions, bothering its own users in India with intrusive texts.
Conan O’Brien just came out with the perfect Apple AirPods spoof ad (video)
Apple’s revolutionary new wireless AirPods are cool and all, until you realize how easy it can be to lose them and have to buy another pair, and another.
HTC and OnePlus throw jabs at iPhone 7, Motorola goes after Galaxy Note 7
It obviously didn’t take long for a couple of Android OEMs to scorn the dual rear cam and headphone jack absence on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
Jimmy Kimmel tricks random people into thinking the 5s is an iPhone SE (video)
Apple seems to have done it again, brainwashing the masses into believing the iPhone SE is better than the 5s no matter what.
Ricky Gervais explains why Verizon is better than Sprint and T-Mobile in new ads
Verizon hits back at T-Mobile and Sprint with its own humorous, celebrity-starring commercials, but Ricky Gervais isn’t the best brand ambassador.