Android alarm streaming

Android alarm can now wake you with YouTube Music or Pandora tunes

The Android alarm, with the updated Clock app, can now wake you up using tunes from YouTube Music or Pandora streaming services.

Spotify and Apple Music reach 51M paid subscribers in the US

Spotify and Apple Music clearly dominate the music streaming business in the United States, and they will only keep on growing more powerful

T-Mobile goes Rock Star with free Pandora Plus and guaranteed concert tickets

The Pandora Plus subscription will last for a year while the Live Nation partnership, with big discounts on tickets, will go on for a few years.

Pandora adds Premium Family Plan at affordable $14.99 monthly price

Just like top rivals Spotify and Apple Music, Pandora now offers a low-cost family subscription with unlimited skips, offline listening and no ads for up to six users.

Getting limited access to Pandora Premium is now as easy as watching a 15-second ad

If you want to unlock a Pandora Premium music streaming session at no cost, all you need to do is watch a short video ad.

Microsoft’s Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker is likely around the corner, with Spotify and Pandora support

You’ll be able to “invoke” the Microsoft-endorsed Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker by talking to Cortana, and stream Spotify or Pandora music.

Pandora Premium tries to beat Spotify and Apple Music at their own game

Pandora Premium arrives to the unlimited music streaming party a couple of years late, with personalized playlists as its strongest advertised point.

RIAA: revenue growth best in 20 years thanks to streaming

Downloads may go the way of vinyl and become a super-niche purchase for many consumers. But the trend for streaming’s still upwards and onwards.

Uber strikes the right note with its drivers by offering six ad-free months of Pandora

Uber doesn’t take sides in the music streaming duel between Spotify and Pandora, first partnering with the former and now the latter in different forms.

Alexa-powered Amazon Tap gets discounted by 15 percent

If you’ve been looking at voice assistants lately, consider the Amazon Tap. It has big speakers, it’s portable and it’s on sale.

Chromecast and Chromecast Audio can now hook you up with 2 free months of Pandora One

There’s yet another deal available for new and existing Chromecast and Chromecast Audio owners, netting you free Pandora One service for 60 days.

Apple Music is growing fast and Spotify is growing faster because of it

Spotify has 30 million paying subscribers, thanks in part to Apple Music. Really. But in order to grow further, it’ll have to do more than compete.

Apple predictably leads in US smartphone, tablet, and laptop brand loyalty

Based on consumer interviews across the US, Apple users are the most loyal as far as iPhones, iPads and Macbooks are concerned.

Ad-supported music streaming revenue forecast to grow, despite fewer “freemium” options

There’s a clear migration being tracked from bought-and-owned media toward the current…

Pebble updates watch firmware, apps on iOS and Android, adds Pandora watch app

Today’s Pebble updates are for the watch firmware and companion apps. Pebble has also announced a new Pandora app, working with iOS, for its app store.

Pandora still king of music streaming, iTunes Radio overtakes Spotify

Even though a lot of famous technology gurus, Steve Jobs included, considered…

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