Galaxy Flex, Mate Flex, LG G Flex, Flexis Praxis | #PNWeekly 333

Jacklyn Dallas (aka NothingButTech88) joins us to talk about folding phone branding, Black Friday deals and news of future flagships!

At $150, Palm is half-off on contract at Verizon

It was a questionable compaion purchase at $350, but will a contract price of $150 make this small phone worth it as an add-on?

Palm is back with a teeny, tiny phone for Verizon

The network is only offering this phone as somewhat of an accessory for subscribers’ current phones. It’s a small, expensive one at $350.

Palm “Pepito” leaked as a tiny comeback destined for Verizon

TCL seems to be taking Palm’s ethos into account if this leaked render set is indicative of anything true. But how long does it last?

TCL promised, now there’s hope for a Palm phone on Verizon

The last we heard from the company itself was in August. But now there’s unofficial word that Verizon will take hold of this Palm redux.

3 stories you may have missed from Pocketnow

We produce some stories on the hottest topics in mobile technology, but we also thread the fabric of the background. Take a look at these stories and see how they should guide the industry into the future.

BlackBerry phone-maker TCL posts big declines in shipments year-to-date

The KEYone was one of the surprise breakout hits of 2017, bringing great mobile sales to the BlackBerry brand. Not enough, though, to help its ODM.

TCL finally to move on Palm brand next year

PalmPilot and TouchPad fans have some shivers at what might come (or not) come next major trade show and TCL is keeping it vague.

Will the theme for 2017 be “updated nostalgia”?

2017 is shaping up to be the year of nostalgia with companies like Nokia, LG, and TCL all tugging on heartstrings of the past.

TCL has own-brand phones, at least two more BlackBerries, and maybe even Palm stuff on the way

China’s TCL is looking to further ramp up its smartphone-producing efforts this year, with own-brand, BlackBerry and… Palm hardware?!

TCL forgoes Palm revival for BlackBerry’s

Oh, how has Palm been forsaken? After TCL bought out the company in 2015, it looked to a crowdsourcing project to see what it could do.

Google “Fuchsia” repository has us wondering about a new OS

Very little is known about what “Fuchsia” might hold for those working with Google’s current operating systems, but the code may be there for a culmination.

Is TCL bringing Palm back a good thing?

TCL bringing Palm back could be a good thing, or a bad thing. It depends on the approach. Was it necessary? Will it help? These questions and more are here.

Pebble recruits former webOS minds for design, UX leadership

Learn about the fresh Pebble webOS hires, and how these industry veterans will be turning their attention to smartwatches.

The YotaPhone 2 is awesome, but it won’t be forever

Yota Devices announced the YotaPhone 2 at MWC, an innovative expansion on the original that I want right now. But I won’t be able to buy one till 2015.

Google Nexus 5 in red, Moto X $100 off, Apple’s plans for iOS & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Apple’s confirmation that there…

Qualcomm acquires Palm, patents from HP

Qualcomm acquires Palm as well as a large number of patents from HP, as the official press release states. Check out the details as Palm changes hands again

Palm, Nokia, and Blackberry have fallen. Which OEM will be next?

With a number of major OEM’s meeting their ends it begs the question, what will the next fallen OEM be?

Five terrible phone hardware decisions we’ll never forget

In the smartphone world, not everything can be a hit – and even hot devices have their low points. Here’s 5 missteps ranging from the serious to the inane.

Remember when smartphones came with a ton of accessories?

Unboxing videos are shells of their former selves, because no OEMs bundle cool accessories anymore. Wax nostalgic with us with some smartphone memories.

Pocketnow Weekly 048: Galaxy S 5 rumors meet Nokia EOS leaks in back alley, nasty knife fight ensues

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Hello, old friend: Palm Pre throwback unboxing (Video)

It’s been 4 years since webOS launched, and nearly 2 years since its summary execution. Join us for a Palm Pre unboxing to honor this late, great platform.

Pocketnow Weekly 046: Tablet Z vs TouchPad Go, and other tech podcast tomfoolery

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April Fool’s: HP Buys Back webOS, Announces Pre 4-1

HP has shocked the world by buying webOS. Again. They re-enter the smartphone arena having learned form their past mistakes and are ready to take on iOS and Android in about 3 years or so.