Palm wireless earbuds
Palm is back in the game (sort of), releasing wireless earbuds soon
Palm seems to be back again, sort of, and the company seems to be releasing its first wireless earbuds soon.
At $150, Palm is half-off on contract at Verizon
It was a questionable compaion purchase at $350, but will a contract price of $150 make this small phone worth it as an add-on?
Palm is back with a teeny, tiny phone for Verizon
The network is only offering this phone as somewhat of an accessory for subscribers’ current phones. It’s a small, expensive one at $350.
BlackBerry phone-maker TCL posts big declines in shipments year-to-date
The KEYone was one of the surprise breakout hits of 2017, bringing great mobile sales to the BlackBerry brand. Not enough, though, to help its ODM.
TCL finally to move on Palm brand next year
PalmPilot and TouchPad fans have some shivers at what might come (or not) come next major trade show and TCL is keeping it vague.
April Fool’s: HP Buys Back webOS, Announces Pre 4-1
HP has shocked the world by buying webOS. Again. They re-enter the smartphone arena having learned form their past mistakes and are ready to take on iOS and Android in about 3 years or so.
The Best of the Past: Flip Phones
Most of us outside of Japan live in a world dominated by slab phones. Sure, they’re getting easier to tolerate as manufacturers like HTC and Nokia push the boundaries of hardware design. But they don’t have hinges for fun folder action, they don’t snap satisfyingly closed at the end of a frustrating call, and they don’t fit as well in a pocket.
Why People Love(d) webOS
webOS has continued as a relevant platform in the mobile space for so long, not just because of its calamitous, headline-worthy fall from grace, but because so much of its revolutionary roots fuel the most popular mobile devices of today.
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Android Hacked To Dual-Boot On Palm Pre
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Hack Enables Classic Palm OS Emulator on webOS 2.1
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