You can now register to beta-test Android Oreo on seven Huawei phones… in China

The Huawei Mate 8, P9, P9 Plus, Honor 8, V8, Note 8 and 6X are all set to receive stable Android Oreo updates in China soon after a few rounds of public beta tests.
Huawei P20 Pro review

The US government’s stance on Huawei is screwing consumers

I’m sure that the US government agencies had the right intention when they issued their warning against Huawei, but they didn’t offer any evidence to back up their claims. This is how the US government’s stance on Huawei is screwing consumers.

Huawei confirms Oreo updates for several more own-brand phones, Mate 8 included

The ancient Mate 8 is one of several Huawei-branded smartphones being promised Android Oreo delivery… someday, alongside the P9, P9 Plus, Nova Youth Edition, Nova 2 and 2 Plus.

Huawei Mate 9 sales notch up past 5 million in four months

As the Huawei P9 passes 12 million sales in a year, this is the first word we hear about the performance of the Mate 9 in the market.

Huawei P9 duo exceeds expectations with 12 million unit sales, P10 goal set at 10M+

It sounds like the P10 and P10 Plus have some big shoes to fill, as the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus have already sold 12 million units worldwide.

Huawei P10 DxOMark score two points behind Google Pixel

The Leica-endorsed cameras on the Huawei P10 scored 87 on DxOMark’s mobile ranking scale, 7 points ahead of its predecessor.

Huawei makes Honor V9 official in China with everything from 6GB RAM to 3D modeling dual camera

Mere days before unveiling the P10 at MWC, as well as internationally launching the Honor 8 Pro, Huawei has domestically taken the wraps off the Honor V9.

Tenaa may have certified the Huawei P10 lite and, surprise, surprise, Honor 9

While Huawei is expected to unveil the P10 at next month’s MWC, two other phones, including an Honor 9 suspect, probably paid Tenaa recent visits.

Huawei has already sold 140 million smartphones in 2016, including 10 million P9s

Huawei continues to crush its own smartphone sales records, shipping 140 million units this year so far, including 10M P9-series devices.

Huawei’s Android Nougat to debut on P9, Mate 8 today in China

The Mate 8 also gets Android 7.0 with EMUI 5.0 as well. Some more Huawei phones from the Nova to the Honor 8 are going down the beta pipeline.

Huawei P10 photos leaked, show off front-mounted fingerprint sensor

If you saw the Huawei P9, you’ve probably seen most of the Huawei P10, especially if we’re talking about this particular leak of it.

A lucky 9 million Huawei P9 sales in just seven months

If Lenovo thinks that a few months of work for 1 million…

Huawei offers glimpse into Mate 9 performance with Kirin 960 announcement

The next-gen Huawei Kirin 960 processor likely to power the high-end Mate 9 phablet has just gone official, and it’s an absolute beast.

Global Huawei P9 sales top 6 million in under five months

Better than a million a month? Pretty good stuff for Huawei and its P9 and P9 Plus, though it’ll still need a few more to make its sales goal.

Huawei G9 Plus makes discreet domestic debut with single 16MP rear cam, SD625

It’s not a dual camera flagship, or any other type of flagship phone, but the Huawei G9 Plus packs plenty of punch for just $360 or so.

Galaxy S7 Edge rules best-selling Android smartphone list, surprisingly followed by J2

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S7 Edge racked up the best H1 2016 sales numbers of all of the world’s Android phones. Shockingly, the Galaxy J2 ranked second.

Samsung sets up battery test, Galaxy S7 wins it (of course)

Most often, you’ll find that if a company is comparing one of its products to the competition, it’s likely because it can show that its products are better.

Huawei posts significant year-on-year growth in both shipments and revenue for H1 2016

Huawei will probably not be able to meet its most ambitious sales goals for the year, but the company’s H1 numbers are still looking great.

Apple, OPPO and Vivo’s numbers surge in Q2 smartphone sales, Samsung sees slight drop

Samsung had no problem topping the smartphone sales charts yet again in Q2, despite a small decline and hikes from a number of rivals.

Pocketnow Challenge July: Best fireworks photo from a smartphone?

The Pocketnow Challenge pits editors against each other. For July we battle to see who lands the best fireworks photo from a smartphone!

Huawei tries to bend the truth to overhype P9’s dual cameras, fails spectacularly

Is the Leica-endorsed dual rear camera setup on the Huawei P9 a mobile photography champion? Clearly, but it can’t quite take on super-costly DSLRs.

Camera showdown: OnePlus 3, HTC 10, LG G5, Galaxy S7, Huawei P9

It’s time for a camera showdown! Here are the top performers of 2016 so far. OnePlus 3, HTC 10, LG G5, Galaxy S7, Huawei P9! Which one’s right for you?

Samsung reportedly cuts back both Q3 and full-year smartphone sales targets

As the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 take shape, the Galaxy S7 predictably loses steam, leading to slightly lower Q3 sales projections.

Huawei shipments expected to be pared back, OPPO still growing [UPDATE]

The third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is rumored to be moving the goal posts to more conservative positions for the year.

Huawei P9 sequel rumored to move fingerprint sensor out front

With Tap to Pay solutions, a fingerprint sensor on the front might make sense for ease of verification. But will Huawei keep ergonomics in mind?