Huawei crows about more achievements, including 10 million P8 Lite sales
The low-cost Huawei P8 Lite reportedly crossed the global 10 million sales mark already, while the company’s overall January numbers were through the roof.
Huawei’s mystery ‘newest device’ will go global at MWC 2016 on February 21
Without giving away anything (at all), Huawei just cryptically announced it’ll fly for Barcelona to unveil a new device on February 21 at MWC 2016.
Unannounced Huawei P9 Max gets prematurely benchmarked with Kirin 950 SoC
The Huawei P9 Max is unlikely to see daylight before spring, but it’s already making the benchmarking rounds with Kirin 950 muscle and Android 6.0 software
Huawei smartphone shipments exceed 27 million in Q3 thanks chiefly to high-end growth
Huawei continues its incredible rise to worldwide fame, reporting 27 million smartphone shipments between July and September, up 63 percent year on year.
Huawei sets the stage for early June US event
What’s on the menu for the upcoming Huawei US event; might we be learning about the new edition of the P8 that could hit the States?
Huawei P8 review: invoking emotion, ascending reputation
In the United States, Huawei’s only reputation is as an ODM (original…
ZTE sues Huawei over P8 and X2 camera innovations
Learn more about a recent lawsuit between ZTE and Huawei because of certain imaging patents that ZTE claims to own from the new Huawei P8.
Huawei P8 unboxing and hands-on (Video)
Huawei’s flagship smartphone for 2015 is beautiful in a minimal way – and that goes double for its packaging. Join us for our Huawei P8 unboxing & hands-on!
Huawei looks like it’s doctoring P8/P8max imagery to hide bezels
Do the Huawei P8 bezels on the company’s site look fantastically thin? The company may be cheating a little when it comes to what you see.
Huawei rounds-out the P8 family with P8max and P8 Lite
In addition to the flagship P8, we’re also seeing the launch of the Huawei P8max phablet and the P8 Lite mid-ranger.
Huawei P8: spec breakdown
Discover the hardware components that go into making the Huawei P8 specs.
Huawei P8 hands on: a familiar face gets a little lift
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Huawei P8 promo posters reveal more hardware data
Learn more about the recent Huawei P8 promo posters that just got leaked, and show us what to expect when it comes to color variants.
Huawei P8 rumors return to idea of ceramic-and-glass construction
Huawei P8 hardware is shaping up to offer an extremely thin handset built from some premium lightweight materials – or so say the rumors.