Huawei P20, P20 Pro, P20 Lite rendered in many colors and views
Several features, or lack thereof, are also being tracked for the series. From color temperature sensors to microSD card support, it’s being talked about here.
Huawei developing own AI assistant to supplant Alexa, Google Assistant
There’s been code dug up to show that this effort will primarily focus on China, where the market has been more muddled and untapped by behemoths Google and Amazon.
Huawei P20 Lite bares all in leaked new photo, key specifications also confirmed
It’s practically etched in stone now that the 5.6-inch Huawei P20 Lite will feature an iPhone X-style notch, two rear cameras co-developed with Leica, and a Kirin 659 SoC.
Purported new Huawei P20 renders and hands-on video bring back the confusion
It’s still unclear how many rear-facing cameras the Huawei P20 and P20 Plus will feature and exactly how they will be arranged. Yes, even after the latest leaks. Especially after the latest leaks.
This is how the Huawei P20 will probably look after all, with a notch and two rear cameras
We’ve had our share of conflicting Huawei P20 leaks lately, but the newest one clears up all the confusion, indeed featuring an iPhone X-borrowed notch and two instead of three rear shooters.
Tenaa pics seem to suggest Huawei P20 will come with a notch after all, but only two rear cameras
The Huawei P20 variant reportedly codenamed “Emily” may have just paid Tenaa a quick regulatory visit with an iPhone X-style notch in tow and dual rear camera setup.
This could be an early Huawei P20 prototype with two rear cameras and no notch
There might still be hope for notch haters from the upcoming Huawei P20, pictured today with conventional razor-thin bezels and only two rear-facing cameras.
Huawei P20 Plus rumored with 4,000mAh battery and AOD, P20 to settle for 3,320mAh
We already knew the Huawei P20 lite was coming with a 2,900mAh battery, and now we’re hearing the P20 and P20 Plus will be packing 3,320 and 4,000mAh cells respectively.
Huawei schedules MWC 2018 event for February 25 to offer ‘a different perspective’
Huawei is almost surely planning to unveil the P20 phones in late March in Paris, but that doesn’t mean the company will entirely skip this month’s Mobile World Congress either.
Possible Huawei P20 Plus design revealed in 3D renders with standout tri-camera setup
You probably shouldn’t take these newly leaked Huawei P20 Plus renders for granted, as the Chinese OEM has been reportedly considering two different designs. Still, the three cameras on the back are legit.
Leaked factory CAD-based renders further confirm Huawei P20 lite (or P11 lite) notch
Whether it will ultimately be called Huawei P20 lite or P11 lite, this watered-down version of the Chinese OEM’s next-gen flagship is almost certainly set to sport a “notch.”
2018 iPhone X to copy Huawei P20 in design as Face ID parts race begins
Well, it’s only copying if Apple actually follows the whimsical rendering that was released by a research firm. Also, new insight into the parts race for three new iPhones.
FCC appears to confirm Huawei P20 lite notch, battery size and dimensions
Codenamed Anne, the unreleased Huawei P20 lite has most likely scored FCC approval with an iPhone X-inspired “notch” design, 2900mAh battery, and Android 8.0.
Huawei P20 lite is most likely candidate in leaked photos on Weibo
Based on gathered intelligence, themes from previous product cycles and one big clue in the pictures, we could have the entry-level flagship in our sights.
Firmware suggests Huawei P20 to launch with Android 8.1 Oreo
The latest flagship from the Chinese manufacturer will apparently get the latest operating system possible at this point.
5G crisis, 10GB RAM, Huawei P20 potentials | #PNWeekly 290
On this week’s show: the Trump administration plays with nationalizing private-sector infrastructure, the spec wars continue on in China and Huawei prepares for launch.
Huawei P20 name confirmed by reliable tipster, codenames and colors also revealed
The spec sheets and release dates are still up in the air, but at least we can now be (fairly) certain Huawei P20, P20 Plus and P20 Lite devices are coming instead of a P11 series.
Huawei P20 name could replace P11
We’re learning about three phones from Huawei that could be coming at MWC 2018. They apparently have better names than what we’ve been figuring.