Possible Huawei P20 Plus design revealed in 3D renders with standout tri-camera setup
You probably shouldn’t take these newly leaked Huawei P20 Plus renders for granted, as the Chinese OEM has been reportedly considering two different designs. Still, the three cameras on the back are legit.
Leaked factory CAD-based renders further confirm Huawei P20 lite (or P11 lite) notch
Whether it will ultimately be called Huawei P20 lite or P11 lite, this watered-down version of the Chinese OEM’s next-gen flagship is almost certainly set to sport a “notch.”
Huawei P20 expected in Paris on March 27
Huawei’s finally setting itself up to launch a flagship Android smartphone in the spring, away from the heat and noise of MWC 2018.
Huawei P20 name confirmed by reliable tipster, codenames and colors also revealed
The spec sheets and release dates are still up in the air, but at least we can now be (fairly) certain Huawei P20, P20 Plus and P20 Lite devices are coming instead of a P11 series.
Huawei P11 name back in contention, planned in front of P12
The Huawei P11 name has come out as the one trademarked more often than the Huawei P20 name at this stage. There’s also words for the P12 at the regulatory offices.
Huawei P20 name could replace P11
We’re learning about three phones from Huawei that could be coming at MWC 2018. They apparently have better names than what we’ve been figuring.
Huawei P11 hinted to come up in Q1, likely MWC 2018
The company has been very vague about some “exciting new products” at a Christmas party, but it seems like the P11 will fall into a release pattern.
Conflict! Qualcomm, AT&T, Google and Amazon | #PNWeekly 282 (Audio)
Qualcomm debuts the Snapdragon 845 chipset, the courts open up for AT&T and Trump’s Justice Department and YouTube’s hating on Amazon on our show.
Upcoming Huawei P11 could emulate the iPhone X notch… for some reason
While everyone agrees the Mate 10 Pro is pretty much perfect from a design standpoint, the next-gen Huawei P11 wants to further slim down its bezels.
Huawei P11 ‘picture maker’ could sport triple-lens Leica rear cams and 24MP selfie shooter
Dual rear-facing cameras might be a thing of the past, as the Huawei P11 is expected to feature a “pro triple-lens Leica” setup on its back.
A phone from Huawei on AT&T could come early in 2018
We aren’t clear if the phone will definitely be the Huawei Mate 10, but at least with an audience of 134 million AT&T subscribers, it has some room to grow.