Unfastened Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen screw poses fire hazard, leading to recall

A single unfastened screw is the difference between safe to use Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen units and those you need to stop using immediately to have them inspected.

HP voluntarily recalls 50,000+ computer batteries posing fire and burn hazards

At least 50,000 HP laptops and mobile workstations sold between December 2015 and December 2017 are unsafe to use due to potentially overheating batteries.

LG once again feels the need to declare G6’s battery safe

The big safeguard the chaebol is promoting in order to ensure consumers’ attention to safety is met? A heat pipe. Like on the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung replaces replacement Galaxy Note 7 over overheating concerns

This Note 7 would replace a replacement Note 7 that replaced a recalled Note 7 over battery explosion concerns. The replacement had overheating issues.

Samsung worried about Galaxy S7 getting hot, Taiwan industry on the case

Winter is coming and all we can worry about is too much heat. The…

The HTC One M9 overheating non-issue: one more reason not to trust benchmarks

All processors put off heat, some more than others, but what about rumors of the HTC One M9 overheating to blistering temperatures? Let’s debunk them now.