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AT&T experiences severe outage, offers no explanation and only basic solutions

Have you tried turning it off and on again? That’s pretty much everything AT&T had to say to customers affected by a nationwide wireless service outage.

T-Mobile LTE down for the second Thursday in three weeks

One Verizon marketing executive ridiculed T-Mobile by persuading customers to switch over if they’d like to use service on “Thursdays”.

Verizon executive makes hay out of T-Mobile outage

T-Mobile’s known for its brash marketing and putting down of Dumb & Dumber, but at least one Verizon exec is putting a righteous spin to this war.

WhatsApp down for many, outage getting fixed

The service was out for many users worldwide for a time. It is now slowly being restored. Public communications from the company have been nil.

Best network in the US, T-Mobile, suffers intermittent overnight outages

In fact, three in just as many weeks with most recent one happening during a busy weekend night and in the midst of impact from Hurricane Matthew.

T-Mobile Nexus 6 users can’t use the fastest LTE in the US

Yikes! After T-Mobile claims a win in speed and reliability tests, some of its customers can’t use the network likely due to a device glitch.

Cricket pays out to subscribers after outage

It is offering a $5 bill credit per line, up to 5 lines per account, for those who had to go through 14 hours (or more) without Cricket Wireless service.

After Cricket Wireless outage, company remains mum while investigating

The AT&T-owned prepaid carrier suffered through a 17-hour network outage this weekend. Many of its customers had to suffer as well.