Hated one way or another: Notches & Co. | #PNWeekly 298
On this week’s show: Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple and Acer have new hardware, Facebook has newly-revealed problems around the same old concerns and notches, people, notches, what more do you want?
Oracle wins appeal against Google for infringing Java code in Android
Google was claimed to have copied Java code wholesale for Android. It initially had a jury’s support for its fair use argument. Now, Oracle has won its appeal.
Tablet multitasking is the highlight of first peeks at Google Fuchsia OS
A video shows off what Google might do if and when it replaces Android with a revised mobile operating system. There are pictures, too.
In-Depth: five of the biggest acquisitions in mobile technology
When companies swallow up other ones, sometimes you have to wonder why then and to what end. We dig into big money acquisitions from the past several years.
Java code in Android ruled fair use (again), Oracle to appeal
Oracle had been looking for billions of dollars in damages for Google’s use of Java code in the Android OS. A federal jury denied them that money.
Oracle blames Android for deep cuts in licensing revenue
Oracle claims it nearly lost all of its licensing revenues from Samsung and Amazon after Google started distributing the Java-based Android for free.
Oracle and Google head into Android Java retrial
The companies failed to reach a settlement after their first trial ended in a hung jury. Oracle wants Google to pay up for using Java in its Android OS.
Google Nexus 5 gets Android 4.4.1, iPhone 5S Touch ID complaints & more – Pocketnow Daily
Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Google’s new enhancements to…
Oracle’s Java API appeal could end up very costly for Google and Android
Find out what trouble Google could be in, as a court returns to hearing the old Oracle vs Google over Java APIs.