LG G2 vs HTC One (Video)

LG’s latest smartphone brings a lot to the table, on the spec sheet and practically – but how does it do in a head-to-head? Find out, in LG G2 vs HTC One!

LG G2 Verizon & AT&T edition: double unboxing (Video)

Global phones are one thing – and carrier-branded variants can be quite another. Join us as we explore the differences in our LG G2 Verizon & AT&T unboxing!

LG G2 unboxing (Video)

To review a flagship smartphone, you must first unbox it. Join us as we free the LG G2 from its package & embark on one of the hottest reviews of the year!

The LG G2 is ten steps forward, but one (big) step back

The LG G2 specs contain impressive figures, and its feature set is useful and innovative. But ultimately, it’s a collection of smart stuff in a lame box.

Pocketnow Weekly 055: Moto X hopes, LG G2 dreams, Lumia 1020 fears

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LG exec shares G2 launch plans

Find out what we’ve learned about the LG G2 launch plans, and which countries could see the phone, when.

No, this LG G2 “leak” doesn’t reveal multiple color options for the phone

Find out what’s wrong with the most recent rumors about LG G2 color options going around.

LG G2 gets new teaser video, updated event invites

Watch the new LG G2 video and take a look at the latest launch event invitation to go out.

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New LG G2 pics leak, reveal battery capacity, detail rear buttons

Take a look at some new leaked images and find out what to expect for the LG G2 battery capacity.

LG creates super-thin 1080p LCD panel, likely intended for G2

Get the specs on the new LG full HD smartphone screen, and read which LG smartphone might be the first to use the component.

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Sprint LG G2 shows up in leaked images

The Sprint LG G2 shows up in some allegedly leaked images, and there’s also a video, plus more details on its specs. Check out the full post!

LG all but confirms G2 for August 7 event

Find out why we’re feeling so confident about the LG G2 launch date.

Further LG G2 rumors tackle camera, hardware details

The G2 rumor train keeps on running as we pour over the latest collection of LG G2 hardware gossip.

Back-mounted volume control is brilliant

The back of every smartphone is essentially wasted space. Read why the LG G2 rear volume rocker is such a great idea, and also why it isn’t!

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LG Optimus G2 candidate spotted on camera again

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LG Optimus G2 Spotted In Benchmark And Bluetooth SIG

There’s no denying that LG hit a home run with their Optimus…

LG Optimus G2 Appears to Be Dominating GLBenchmark

See what may be the first real evidence of the LG Optimus G2 to surface.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 028

Rumor & speculation has taken no time to rest between CES and MWC. Join us for informal, yet informative, talk on the hottest smartphone & tablet rumors, from Samsung’s Galaxy S IV and Note 8.0, to HTC’s M7 and beyond.