Stop calling it optical zoom when the optics don’t zoom

Optical Zoom is when the optics “zoom” or change positions in order to change the field of view and how the light entering the lens hits the image sensor

Is OPPO launching a phone with massive zoom this week?

A teaser is making headlines on the Internet, featuring OPPO and something related to massive zoom happening tomorrow, Jan. 16.

OPPO Find X confirmed with 5x dual camera zoom, Super VOOC Flash Charge

That long overdue OPPO Find X is officially slated to include several groundbreaking technologies, most notably 5x dual camera zoom features.

Possible Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dual camera features include 3x optical zoom and ‘depth application’

Samsung is sure taking its time before releasing the company’s first dual rear camera smartphone, but the Galaxy Note 8 shooters look pretty great already.

OnePlus 5 dual camera optical zoom is 1.6x, software snaps to 2x

The rest of the zoom to 2x as indicated in the camera app is from software. Should OnePlus have been more honest up front about its dual camera system?

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom starts selling for $330 with ingenious dual cam setup and huge battery

As the name suggests, the newly released Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom can do optical zoom. But there’s also a second rear camera and impressive 5000mAh battery.

Innovative OPPO 5x dual camera zoom smartphone tech gets early MWC 2017 preview

Far from ready for primetime inside an actual commercial product, OPPO 5x dual camera zoom technology moves one step closer to a sleek execution.

Big aperture, big battery for the ZenFone 3 Zoom

The main camera has 1.4 micron pixels, f/1.7 aperture and stabilization help on several axes. And then there’s the other camera.

Apple pulls iPhone 7 Plus tweets showing off black colors

Apple has kept its Twitter account pretty empty for a while now,…

In comparing Moto Z, Lenovo claims iPhone 7 Plus optical zoom is rated at 4x

In chewing apart its competition, Lenovo compared the Moto Z and Moto Z PLay with Moto Mods to the iPhone 7 Plus. With purported specs.