Building your own mobile phone is serious fun
Making your own mobile phone sounds like a daunting task, but it’s actually really fun! We’re not talking about a fancy iPhone here, but it is still quite an excellent learning experience.
The Privacy Friendly Librem 5 is now shipping (for cool people)
If you’re getting concerned about how much of your privacy is sucked up and used by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., you probably should be. The Librem 5 smartphone aims to give control back to the user.
LG opens webOS source code once again
Can you believe that we’re talking about this again? Long ago, it was Palm and HP’s product. What does LG want to do with it… other than TVs?
Google open sources Pixel 2 Portrait Mode segmentation software
The models used to separate subjects from the background were compiled by Google into what was, up until now, a proprietary tool for Pixel 2 phones.