OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple color listed on support site before disappearing

The product name was spotted in the OnePlus India support ticketing form. Is it a sign of things to come? Or is this a purple herring?

Rubin woes, Xiaomi grows, MAKERphone glows | #PNWeekly 329

How does sexual misconduct at Google reflect on Android? Also on ouir show, we discuss Xiaomi’s politics and talk with a DIY phone creator.

Best Buy sells third-gen Chromecast and there are downsides on all sides

The actual hardware has been revealed to feature a few changes and a couple of similarities to previous Chromecasts that aren’t at all impressive.

Specs are all out there for upcoming Motorola P30 Play

The P30 and P30 Note are out in China, but someone pushed the Motorola webpage a little too early for the P30 Play. And there’s everything we need to know.

Galaxy Note 9 will need a new Gear VR headset

Galaxy Note 9 owners who want to use their Gear VR with it will need to get an adapter to fit the phone into the headset.

Android Gmail app officially has Undo Send

You know that feeling of dread after you’ve sent an email you know isn’t going to go down well at all? With Gmail on Android, you can stop that feeling.

o_o returns: more Pixel 3 XL leaks from Toronto

Someone should really not commute on the red rocket if ythey’re going to be using some sort of prototype for the Pixel 3 XL. They’ve been caught. Again.

Was this Huawei Mate 20 Pro teaser worth the safe it was locked in?

The graphic on this teaser is a little wrong and there’s a little something off when the little trinket doesn’t exactly go along with the theme suggested.

Android Pie spoiled for Nokia 7 Plus users who just got fourth beta

Those who were hoping to get an early jump on the official Android P build with the Nokia 7 Plus are a little disappointed, but a follow-up should be soon.

Galaxy Note 9 support page appears on Samsung Sweden site

The expected model number of the device has appeared on Samsung’s Swedish support databank and it’s one bearing an Exynos chipset.

T-Mobile Galaxy S9 owners suffer privacy-violating Samsung Messages update

The update allows Samsung Messages to support T-Mobile’s new RCS protocol, but it also apparently sent an entire photo gallery unprompted.

Why is the ASUS ZenFone 5z priced at $1,999? Someone forgot to update the site

This is well past the time for placeholder text, especially if it’s…

HTC U12+ shipping snafu has customers worried, but company is working it out

HTC is assuaging customer concerns about what they’re hearing from Amazon, the primary third-party seller of its latest smartphone, the U12+.

Instagram creepers find solace as story posters won’t be notified of screenshots

There was a testing period of a new notification for those who have just had their Instagram story screenshotted. The test has ended.

Leaked Pixel 3 XL had a legitimate Google logo on it

It might not have been a Google ‘G,’ but this “mirrored ‘E'” business is official business from Google and it’s on a leaked picture of a future phone. cleaned out Tablets section before bringing it back

One could even argue why Google thought to bring back a page that has not had its contents updated since 2015. After all, there were more reasons to keep it out of sight than there were to keep it.

The 1975 are playing… games with Android SMS logs and Google search

If you’re searching up details about the rock band from Manchester or a Portuguese travel agency, you may end up finding out more about your recent texts instead.

TeenSafe, a texting monitor app for parents, has leaky servers

They are not password-protected and store clients’ children’s Apple ID passwords in plain text. Those are two big rules crossed.

Go and stop: T-Mobile LG V30 Android Oreo OTA rolled out, stopped

After months of delay, the LG V30 on T-Mobile finally got its Android Oreo update! And then it doesn’t have it anymore. Why? Bugs, bugs, bugs.

HTC uses iPhone 6 components in U12+ event teaser for a cheeky purpose

People have noticed that parts from the iPhone 6 and other phones were featured in a teaser image for HTC’s next big phone. The company says that’s exactly the point it wants to make.

OnePlus 6’s Super Slo Mo outed by company’s India website

There was some teaser text that got placed on the webpage by accident, but it’s not exactly the most illuminating marketing.

T-Mobile stops Android Oreo roll-out for Galaxy Note 8

No reason has been given for the delay and it’s not clear what troubles lie for those who have already received the OTA. But it’s all news to users.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 seen on CEO’s wrist before in stores

This company is known for $20 fitness bands that just work. But it looks like another one is coming on the way with a bigger display.

US retailer mistakenly publishes Moto G6 pricing and shipping estimates

The Moto G6, Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plus are here for your virtual delectation. And there’s hints of when you can get all physical with them and for how much.

OnePlus’s Carl Pei retracts “love the notch” tweet

After Pei deleted the tweet, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has posted an extensive explanation into why the notch has to be on the OnePlus 6.