OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple color listed on support site before disappearing
The product name was spotted in the OnePlus India support ticketing form. Is it a sign of things to come? Or is this a purple herring?
Rubin woes, Xiaomi grows, MAKERphone glows | #PNWeekly 329
How does sexual misconduct at Google reflect on Android? Also on ouir show, we discuss Xiaomi’s politics and talk with a DIY phone creator.
Specs are all out there for upcoming Motorola P30 Play
The P30 and P30 Note are out in China, but someone pushed the Motorola webpage a little too early for the P30 Play. And there’s everything we need to know.
Galaxy Note 9 will need a new Gear VR headset
Galaxy Note 9 owners who want to use their Gear VR with it will need to get an adapter to fit the phone into the headset.
Android Pie spoiled for Nokia 7 Plus users who just got fourth beta
Those who were hoping to get an early jump on the official Android P build with the Nokia 7 Plus are a little disappointed, but a follow-up should be soon.
Galaxy Note 9 support page appears on Samsung Sweden site
The expected model number of the device has appeared on Samsung’s Swedish support databank and it’s one bearing an Exynos chipset.
T-Mobile Galaxy S9 owners suffer privacy-violating Samsung Messages update
The update allows Samsung Messages to support T-Mobile’s new RCS protocol, but it also apparently sent an entire photo gallery unprompted.
The 1975 are playing… games with Android SMS logs and Google search
If you’re searching up details about the rock band from Manchester or a Portuguese travel agency, you may end up finding out more about your recent texts instead.
HTC uses iPhone 6 components in U12+ event teaser for a cheeky purpose
People have noticed that parts from the iPhone 6 and other phones were featured in a teaser image for HTC’s next big phone. The company says that’s exactly the point it wants to make.
US retailer mistakenly publishes Moto G6 pricing and shipping estimates
The Moto G6, Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plus are here for your virtual delectation. And there’s hints of when you can get all physical with them and for how much.
OnePlus’s Carl Pei retracts “love the notch” tweet
After Pei deleted the tweet, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has posted an extensive explanation into why the notch has to be on the OnePlus 6.
Apple fixes one of the iOS 11 notification bugs… only in an ad
It’s an annoying vanity bug that made its way into a triple-A, big-money ad for the iPhone X’s Face ID feature. And it gets edited like this.
Verizon promoting Galaxy S9 on iPhones
The carrier’s My Verizon app is pushing out a notification trying to convince customers on iPhones (even the iPhone X) to buy a Galaxy S9 through the app.
iPhone 8 Plus water resistance in question after shutdown of Wistron production line
Industry reports claim that counterfeit parts were used in the waterproofing of the phone, leading Apple to punish the assembler.
Sony admits night mode won’t be on its phones with Android Oreo
Giving its users all the blue light they need before bed, Sony has decided to stop including its short-lived blue light reduction feature at night.
LeEco websites taken down, other Chinese sites still up
LeMall and Leshi are still operating and giving out information, but the encompassing tech brand, LeEco, is pretty much dead, at least online.
ShatterShield peeling off edges of Moto Z2 Force, customers being charged for repair
Those who couldn’t or didn’t want to argue down the price were supposedly charged anywhere from $50 to $150 for the replacement of a part that used to be user-replaceable for $40.
Apple News repeatedly pushes CNN and Fox News notifications
“Fake news” can get really, really repetitive in this endless news cycle we’re all seemingly in. But Apple’s News app for iOS is really taking it to new levels.
Another Xiaomi Mi A1 software update has been stopped
It’s the same update that would bring Mi A1 units on Android Nougat over to Oreo. Why is it being stopped? Would you believe it? More bugs.
Pulling back on the iPhone 7 throttle | #PNWeekly 285
It’s good for the iPhone because the battery might screw your life up, the company says. It’s sorry, it says. We have our say on what Apple is saying about iPhone processor throttling.
Face ID flop: Chinese colleagues can both authenticate iPhone X
Previous happenstance Face ID botches were between non-twin family members. This one just happened naturally without anyone having to try.
Samsung: Microsoft is just selling normal Galaxy Note 8, S8 units
Don’t call it no “Microsoft Edition,” just a Galaxy S8. Even though Microsoft is selling Samsung’s phones with its own apps on them, it ain’t the case.
Google Home Mini crashes at high volumes
If you want to rock out with the Google Home Mini, you should be able to do so. But nope, some users find their device crashing.
Qualcomm and OnePlus respond to one root backdoor, hacker finds data dump function
One hole is getting patched (somewhat) while another allows for personal data, including location, to be recorded, dumped and taken away.
Hide your kids: 10-year-old gets into parents’ iPhone X with Face ID
The iPhone X is supposed to recognize your face and your face only. Face ID, though, has been shown to have cracks. Apparently, kids are one of them.