New leaks of the Sony Xperia 5 Plus show a ToF sensor

We may see a new Sony Xperia 5 Plus soon, and these new leaked renders show us what we can expect

We could end up getting triple cameras in 2020 iPad Pro models

Take a look at the new renders that show us the new 2020 iPad Pro models that could include a new triple camera module and a glass back

Uncertainty around Apple timeline for AirPods 2, wireless charging case

Just today we heard that the AirPods 2 would be coming this spring. Now, there’s some reason to believe that they’ll be waiting for the fall instead.

One of four Moto G7 models has been leaked through pictures

Motorola’s mid-range series of smartphones has been popular through the years, but will it need extra firepower to make it through 2019?

Renders reveal curved glass on Sony Xperia XZ3

After a remarkable refreshment in design this year, Sony may be looking to keep the theme going. That’s according to newly leaked renders.

Does the LG G7 have a Bixby Button?

New speculative renders show the upcoming device to feature four buttons on it siderails. Now, if two of those buttons control volume, what do the other two do?

Huawei Mate 10 rendered, measured and docked out

The Mate 10 will be much like the Mate 9. Well, there’s at least a strong sense of proximity between the two designs and a whole year.

The Ocean Note’s market name? Perhaps the HTC U Ultra

Steve Hemmerstoffer is reporting the market name for what may be HTC’s snazziest concept device yet from an “unverified source.”

Next-gen Sony Xperia XA leaked with little flair

If you’ve seen on Xperia, you’ve seen them all. Perhaps you’ll have seen into the future as a new graphical rendering purports to show a 2017 phone.

Moto M leaked once again with some specification conflicts

Both the Moto M and the Lenovo P2 are about to be launched soon and it seems that their leaks have crossed streams at some point. Let’s fix that.

LG LV5 leaked, but all is not what it seems

With only a codename to work with and a render to stare at, we’re pretty much stuck in guessing territory about this LV5 and whether it’s a flagship or not.

iPhone 7 battery might close in on a full 2 amp-hours

Steve Hemmerstoffer has word that the iPhone 7 may have a larger battery. What will it have to power for a relatively large power trip?