OnePlus 2 leaked by Chinese regulator TENAA
Chinese regulator TENAA has the OnePlus 2 leaked. The images you see attached represent the upcoming smartphone, from all angles. Peep while it’s hot!
The OnePlus Two will have a Snapdragon 810 – and it will be fine
The best of OnePlus is powered by the worst of Qualcomm – but it doesn’t matter. See why the OnePlus Two Snapdragon 810 marriage isn’t doomed to failure.
OnePlus 2 camera vs iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6: company CEO compares camera samples
The company’s CEO compared the OnePlus 2 camera output and quality with the ones generated by the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Check them out!
Fix the OnePlus Two invite system by getting rid of it
The original title of this post included the words “kill it with…
OnePlus calls the upcoming 2 the “2016 flagship killer”
OnePlus calls its upcoming Two smartphone the “2016 flagship killer”. We’ve seen some of the specs, so let us know whether you agree with the statement.
OnePlus needs to tread carefully with pricing or defeat half the point of its phone
For being the first product coming from a small startup company with…
OnePlus confirms price increase for OnePlus 2
Don’t count on another $300 model; OnePlus 2 pricing has just been confirmed to be at least higher than $322 – but just how high will it go?
OnePlus 2 pricing rumors suggest no price hike in store
Even with some beefed-up specs, OnePlus 2 pricing isn’t rumored to exceed last year’s OnePlus One.
Flagship Android naming rumors: OnePlus, Samsung’s next Edge phone
Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy S Edge? OnePlus Two or OnePlus 2? Rumors address how upcoming phones will be branded.
OnePlus Two spec rumors describe some hardware to die for
If you thought there were some high-end phones at CES, wait until you get a load of these rumored OnePlus Two specs.
Five-inch OnePlus One “Mini” pics, specs leak
A couple images and some early specs have arrived for a possible OnePlus One Mini.
What can we expect from the OnePlus Two?
There’s a fresh crop of OnePlus Two rumors ready for us to pore over, but are there any juicy details here?
OnePlus Two gets an ETA, may be more compact than the One
Early OnePlus Two details hint at the possibility of a smaller handset, while also pointing to a mid-year release.
Additional OnePlus One material options just around the corner?
It looks like that long-ago promised bamboo OnePlus One option could finally arrive later this month – assuming you can get your hands on the phone at all.