OnePlus left EngineerMode APK in end user OxygenOS builds, easily rootable
It’s a Qualcomm app and it’s not really supposed to be on user-side software. Well, it is on user-side software with OxygenOS.
Signs of Lineage OS rebound is working
The Android ROM that came out of CyanogenMod’s demise has been loaded onto 95,000 devices and will officially support over 80 devices.
OnePlus 3 teased to be dropping invites… we think
We can’t know for sure yet if the upcoming OnePlus 3 will indeed adopt a premium metal build. But it’ll probably ditch invites, and feel great in the hand.
Marshmallow update for OnePlus One reaches ‘final testing stage’, but still no solid ETA
The OnePlus One could receive its official Android Marshmallow update in the next few weeks, even before the 2 moves to OS version 6.0.
OnePlus signs $300,000 House of Cards season 4 endorsement deal
The latest season of the Golden Globe-winning House of Cards web series features pretty aggressive OnePlus product placement, in case you haven’t noticed.
Starting today, the OnePlus X goes invite-free for good worldwide
No more invitations, no more strings, no more waiting. The OnePlus X is openly available for all seven days a week.
OnePlus ends 16GB OnePlus 2 sales in multiple markets, releases new OnePlus One OxygenOS
OnePlus 2 16GB sales are going away for users in a bunch of countries, while the OnePlus One gets a taste of the latest OxygenOS.
Android Marshmallow betas on for certain OnePlus, Honor devices
Unfortunately, these betas are region-specific and, therefore, many owners won’t be hit with the scope of Android Marshmallow improvements.
A metal unibody smartphone build is overrated, try something else
Wow. Such yuneeq. Very metale. Fone. I’m basically just using this as…
Cortana makes her formal debut on Android and iOS as app leaves beta
Cross-platform Cortana is leaving beta, as the app’s wide release comes to iPhone and Android users in the US and China.
Carl Pei: do people want OnePlus around or not?
Startups make a habit of raising hell in their respective industries because…
OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 officially slated to receive Marshmallow in Q1 2016
OnePlus won’t be the fastest Android device maker to deliver Marshmallow updates for its flagships, but it may not be the slowest either.
OnePlus was a month away from launching fitness tracker before aborting it
OnePlus never launched a fitness tracker and Bluetooth speaker it had in development at one point, as it didn’t see the point of branching out.
OnePlus strikes partnership with Foxconn to join ‘Make in India’ program
The Indian government has managed to get OnePlus interested in locally manufacturing phones too, with Foxconn’s help.
OnePlus One now delivered in 60 minutes or free, but only in a major Indian city
Prospective OnePlus One buyers in Bangalore, India can now receive the aging Android smartphone in just one hour, otherwise it’s free of charge.
OnePlus co-founder ‘seriously’ applies for an internship at Samsung
As part of yet another bizarre marketing ploy, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei publicly proposed Samsung hired him as an intern.
OnePlus hints at affordable sub-flagship phone again, still coming this year
The OnePlus Mini is as good as officially confirmed, save for the name and diminutive features, with an Indian launch likely slated for November.
Possible OnePlus Mini prototype benchmarked with Helio X10 inside
A seriously fishy benchmark of a device believed to be the OnePlus Mini lists a MediaTek Helio X10 SoC and 1,080p screen among the specifications.
Does OnePlus have any selling points besides its pricing?
And the opinion rounds have come full circle. We praised OnePlus for…
The OnePlus 2 might be an example of how an underdog can shine
Okay, the extremely exciting initial news, spec and video blast is over…
The OnePlus 2 of 2015 isn’t the flagship killer of 2016
Welcome to the hype machine, hope you enjoy your stay! The spin…
OnePlus needs to tread carefully with pricing or defeat half the point of its phone
For being the first product coming from a small startup company with…
oneplus 2
What OnePlus needs to do right with the OnePlus 2
The OnePlus One changed the way we look at flagships. With the next version right around the corner, what does OnePlus need to do with the OnePlus 2?
OnePlus offers update on CyanongenMod 12S progress: nearly there
OnePlus has some news about CyanongenMod 12S release progress – that is, if you can believe it anymore.
OnePlus One gets some official Lollipop update release dates
The OnePlus One Lollipop dates are set, with both OxygenOS and CM 12S due in just a couple more weeks.