OnePlus reveals smartphone design ideas that didn’t make the cut

OnePlus appears to have experimented with a variety of materials like marble, denim, and a sky blue gradient for designing its phones before axing the idea.
Galaxy Note10

Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to get WATERED DOWN?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about a possible Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, 5G iPhones coming in the future the Google Pixelbook Go and more

OnePlus introduces OnePlus Roaming, doesn’t require SIM card

OnePlus debuts OnePlus Roaming as part of Oxygen OS Open Beta 7, a service that offers global data roaming without the need for a SIM card.

Want a OnePlus 6 instead? Get it for $100 off from 3am Eastern tonight

For the first time ever, the company is giving one of its spotlight products a good, old-fashioned discount. And it ain’t shabby.

OnePlus 6 update brings some OnePlus 6T features

The new OnePlus 6 update that started rolling out to more and more devices includes some of the exciting features from the OnePlus 6T.

European OnePlus 6T pricing, bumps of up to €40 expected

It’s an all-too-predictable trend that’s rumored to continue onto the OnePlus 6T, but will the value proposition keep up?

Amazon discounts OnePlus 6 in India as OnePlus 6T goes public

In fact, there are deals active for both devices, meaning that there isn’t much to lose by going either way if you don’t particularly care for differences.

OnePlus 6 gets finalized Android Pie update

Improvements have been made to the user interface, the navigation, Do Not Disturb mode and the Gaming mode. It will spread via OTA from today.
OnePlus 6 Android PIe

How to install Android 9 Pie Beta on your OnePlus 6 (video)

These are the steps you need to follow in order to download and run the OnePlus 6 Android Pie Open Beta release on your phone.
OnePlus Closed beta

OnePlus wants you to become a OnePlus Closed Beta tester

OnePlus is recruiting a group of elite community members to become part of the OnePlus Closed Beta program. Find out more!
Galaxy Note9 benchmark

Galaxy Note9 benchmark results poorer than iPhone X

As Galaxy Note9 benchmark results are popping up, the phone is being compared to Apple’s $1,000-phone, the iPhone X, which outperforms it.

OnePlus 6 screen flickering issue reported in bright light

A OnePlus 6 screen flickering issue has been reported by owners who observed the behavior in bright light with the adaptive brightness mode turned on.

Insurgent OnePlus now has a key win in India

The fight has been among Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi for a period, but OnePlus has launched a rocket in India and has ridden it up into the premium space.

OnePlus 6 vs Apple iPhone X: Sorry Apple! (Video)

Watch today’s comparison of the OnePlus 6 vs the Apple iPhone X to help you see the difference between buying an affordable flagship and an expensive one

OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T Selfie Portrait Mode will be brought over from OnePlus 6

OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T Selfie Portrait Mode will soon be enabled, according to the manufacturer. The announcement was made on its forums and will likely materialize in a software update.

OnePlus won’t compromise on wireless charging and won’t have it until it’s better

The CEO of the company is looking for faster, more efficient and non-destructive ways to charge his phones. Until then, it’s business as usual.

iPhone SE stop, Surface Go | #PNWeekly 313

On our podcast this week: Microsoft has a tiny Surface tablet that costs $800 if you want it like they show it. Also, long live the iPhone X?

Nylon case not guaranteed to protect OnePlus 6 from all drops

One father learned the hard way that even with a case on his new, expensive OnePlus phone, a daughter will find a way to break something.

OnePlus 6 in red, Bullets Wireless available for immediate dispatch

The Red OnePlus 6 was made available for orders today… and it still is. Yep, no nonsense for a special color. The Bullets Wireless on the other hand…

Asus ZenFone 5Z with Snapdragon 845 lands in India at a very competitive price

On paper, the Flipkart-exclusive Asus ZenFone 5Z looks like it could give the OnePlus 6 a healthy run for its money in India.

OnePlus 6 Red edition is coming ‘across the globe’ next week with 8GB RAM

It truly sounds like OnePlus put a lot of effort into getting the OnePlus 6 Red flavor “just right”, with an eye-catching shade that’s not too aggressive.

Red OnePlus 6 is coming tomorrow

After a tweet from a YouTube tech firebrand, we get a series of short arty ads. It’s all for a new color of a (relatively) new phone.

Excessive Galaxy S10 vs. excessive LG V40 | #PNWeekly 311

Three phones with up to three cameras versus one phone with five cameras? Also, is Apple flittering off like a butterfly on its MacBook keyboard?

OnePlus cements software update schedule with three years of coverage

The policy applies to devices from the OnePlus 3 onwards and may allow that phone to get Android P. It’s better than just presuming what updates will go on.

OnePlus 7 could be at US carriers without bloatware

At least that’s what OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is promising: a 5G OnePlus phone coming to US carriers in 2019 with no pre-loaded fluff on it.