Fresh set of leaked HTC One X10 promo images reveals exact battery size, and it’s truly massive

It’s not out yet, but we already know everything about the upper mid-range HTC One X10, including its impressive battery capacity.

Unreleased HTC One X10 promises to blend ‘big style’ with ‘bigger battery’

Far prettier than last year’s X9, although definitely not as premium-looking as the HTC 10, that long overdue HTC One X10 should pack a large battery.

HTC One X10 spotted on Chinese e-marketplace

So, what will the HTC One X10 actually look like? We haven’t seen much of a peep since we’ve started talking about it. Well, it’s nothing special.

The HTC X10 rumored to come in January, follows One X9

Also somewhat known as the HTC One X10, this rumored device follows off the One X9 that was released in China as a sort of gap device.

HTC One X10 and Desire 650 among several new phones certified in Russia

Russia’s regulatory bureaus today inform of the imminent arrivals of the HTC One X10 and Desire 650, as well as 10 evo and Desire 10 Pro.

HTC 10 with Snapdragon 820 finally gets priced and dated for India

Both the HTC 10 and HTC 10 Lifestyle are due in India over the next few weeks, with the former priced at a pretty standard $790 equivalent.

HTC has “multiple priorities” from a flagship to mobile VR

“We have multiple priorities. Certainly, the phone business is also a priority and still — far and away — our biggest business.”

HTC One X9 Hands On from MWC 2016 (Video)

The downplayed evolution of the HTC One A9 got its start in China and has now migrated to MWC for a further spread. What’s it like? Find out.

HTC One X9 marries premium metal look with affordable price tag

The HTC One X9 from December is back at MWC, getting ready for its broader international spread.

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HTC One X9 arrives to take on the Chinese market

Right on schedule, the HTC One X9 launch has brought China its latest affordable higher-end Android.

Oft-rumored HTC One X9 teased for December 24 announcement

The HTC One X9 will bizarrely go official the day before Christmas, it appears, after a long series of revealing rumors and product leaks.

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HTC One X9 appears in extensive set of new pics, hands-on video

HTC’s next smartphone is going through an unprecedented series of leaks, continuing with this new HTC One X9 hands-on video.

HTC One X9 shows its stuff in beautiful set of new pics

A newly leaked HTC One X9 gallery offers some of the most compelling images yet of this still-not-yet-launched handset.

HTC One X9’s face clears up in new pictures

Want to stare at some pictures? You’ve come to the right place.…

HTC One X9 will indeed sport MediaTek components

Twitter leaker LlabTooFeR spotted a Wi-Fi Alliance certificate for the HTC One X9.…

China’s FCC counterpart confirms controversial HTC One X9 design and specs

It’s basically set in stone – the looming HTC One X9 is no flagship, blending iPhone and Nexus 6P aesthetic elements, and marginally improving A9’s specs.

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New HTC One X9 render stars a Nexus 6P-similar rear camera design

Pictured from behind, the upcoming upper mid-range HTC One X9 looks a little like the Google Nexus 6P, camera ‘visor’ included.

Next HTC flagship isn’t codenamed M10 either, Snapdragon 820 should be inside

The flagship Android phone HTC plans to launch in spring 2016 is likely not codenamed One X9 or M10, but it should pack a Snapdragon 820 chip.

What the HTC One X9 is and isn’t according to three leakers

The HTC One A9 may go down as a wash for the…

Forget A9, HTC One X9 could be in the works with much higher-end specs

A near-utopian HTC One X9 flagship Android phone is said to be in the pipeline with a sub-$500 price tag, one of the best SoCs around, and Quad HD screen.