Russia gets first availability of HTC One X10

Wow, that precipitated quickly. After consecutive days of leaks, the phone finally pops up in the first place we tracked the phone to come to: Russia.

Fresh set of leaked HTC One X10 promo images reveals exact battery size, and it’s truly massive

It’s not out yet, but we already know everything about the upper mid-range HTC One X10, including its impressive battery capacity.

Unreleased HTC One X10 promises to blend ‘big style’ with ‘bigger battery’

Far prettier than last year’s X9, although definitely not as premium-looking as the HTC 10, that long overdue HTC One X10 should pack a large battery.

HTC One X10 spotted on Chinese e-marketplace

So, what will the HTC One X10 actually look like? We haven’t seen much of a peep since we’ve started talking about it. Well, it’s nothing special.

Watch the HTC U event livestream from January 12 at 3am Eastern

Three devices are at the brink of tipping into reality and you’ll have a chance to see them all starting at 3am Eastern Time on the HTC U event livestream.

HTC Ocean Note purportedly coming soon with great screen and camera, no headphone jack

HTC’s first big 2017 smartphone release could take place as early as January 12, with a high-quality camera-sporting Ocean Note expected out.

The HTC X10 rumored to come in January, follows One X9

Also somewhat known as the HTC One X10, this rumored device follows off the One X9 that was released in China as a sort of gap device.

HTC One X10 and Desire 650 among several new phones certified in Russia

Russia’s regulatory bureaus today inform of the imminent arrivals of the HTC One X10 and Desire 650, as well as 10 evo and Desire 10 Pro.