The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 022

Galaxy S IV speculation joins with iPhone-vs-Windows Phone debate in this exciting episode of the Pocketnow Weekly. Put on your headphones and join the fun!

Leak Names HTC Androids Tapped For Jelly Bean

Learn which HTC smartphones are rumored to be on-track for receiving Jelly Bean updates.

HTC One VX Makes Its Belated AT&T Debut

See how the HTC One VX finally made its overdue arrival at AT&T today.

AT&T HTC One VX May Finally Arrive In December, Following Missed Launch

Learn when AT&T might finally put HTC’s One VX Android up for sale.

AT&T Lauches The HTC One X+, One VX, And Samsung Galaxy Camera Today

There’s no better news, than those that have to do with device…

AT&T Spills Launch Details For HTC One X+, HTC One VX

Learn just when you’ll be able to get HTC’s latest Android smartphones from AT&T.

The Same Old Bad Habits Are Fueling HTC’s Slow Decline

HTC’s smartphones are amazing in many ways, but Samsung is beating it senseless. Read on to find out why.

LG Nexus G Rumors, HTC One X+ Hands-on, Remembering Steve Jobs & More – Pocketnow Daily

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Hands On with HTC One X+, One VX, Lumia 920, and Galaxy Camera (Video)

Read about our first impressions on the HTC One X+ and One VX, Galaxy Camera, and Lumia 920

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 012

The latest in iPhone 5 news, HTC’s new One X+, speculation on the next Android Nexus, Nokia’s terrifying new Windows Phone commercial, and even some webOS news: It’s all here on this week’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast!

iPad Mini Appears In Black Slate Aluminum, HTC One X+ Release & More – Pocketnow Daily

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AT&T Confirms US HTC One X+ Launch, Alongside One VX

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