Considering the HTC One Remix at Verizon? Check out our review

With this week’s launch of the One Remix on Verizon, are you looking for an HTC One Remix review? See what we learned during our time with the One mini 2.

Verizon introduces HTC One Remix (Mini 2)

Get the details for the arrival of the HTC One Remix (Mini 2) at Verizon this week.
htc one mini 2

HTC One Remix (Mini 2) could finally hit Verizon this week

When will Verizon hold its HTC One Remix launch? The carrier-branded Mini 2 could debut as soon as later this week.
HTC One mini 2

Verizon itself leaks the HTC One Remix through promo video

An HTC One Remix promo video has been leaked by Big Red itself, and though it was promptly pulled down, that didn’t happen before we took a look at it.

HTC One Remix spotted getting ready for Verizon

The arrival of HTC One Remix FCC certification paperwork paves the way for the phone’s release – but just when is that going to be?

HTC One Remix (Mini 2), Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet star in leaked Verizon renders

New Verizon Android renders are incoming, including an HTC One Remix render, and one for the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet.

HTC One Remix will be purportedly be Verizon’s HTC One Mini 2

According to @evleaks, the HTC One Remix will allegedly be Verizon’s HTC One Mini 2. Read about the details, and check out the leaked press render.

HTC One Remix image leaked in blue, phone en route to Verizon

We now have a possible HTC One Remix image, as we hear word that the phone may possibly find itself on Verizon in the United States.