HTC’s ‘Blackest Friday’ includes small U11 discount and free JBL earphones

The HTC U11 is on sale for the OEM’s “Blackest Friday” starting at $599, free JBL USB-C sport earphones and Fetch companion included.

Does anyone care that Verizon is finally updating its HTC One M9 to Nougat?

Forgotten by many and updated to Android 7.0 Nougat by T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T a long time ago, the HTC One M9 finally makes the jump on Verizon as well.
HTC U11 Lifestyle 14

Victory proclaimed as HTC U11 sales surpass two predecessors

Believe it or not, it has taken only weeks for the HTC U11 to beat out the total number of sales for the HTC 10 and One M9 each.

Android 7.0 Nougat continues sluggish US expansion, reaching unlocked LG G5 and AT&T HTC One M9

Timely Nougat updates for unlocked LG G5 and AT&T-specific HTC One M9 versions? That ship has sailed a long time ago, but better late than never, right?

Android Nougat finally hits Sprint HTC One M9

It took a while to get this update in, but it’s finally come its way. Sprint falls behind T-Mobile, but ahead of Verizon in delivering Nougat.

T-Mobile leaves no phone behind, even updating the HTC One M9 to Android 7.0

You may have forgotten all about the 2015-released HTC One M9, but T-Mobile hasn’t, officially rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat as we speak.

HTC’s Seven Days of Sappiness also clears out the old

The One M9, One A9 and HTC 10 are going on sale along with all accessories sold in the company’s direct-to-consumer retail site.

European HTC 10, 10 Lifestyle and One M9 start receiving Nougat all at once

The HTC 10 hasn’t been very quick to expand its Nougat update to the old continent, but all’s well that ends well. For two other HTC phones, too.

Canadian carrier-locked HTC One M9 updated to Android Nougat

Bell is the latest of four Canadian carriers to move the Android Nougat update to the HTC One M9. United States carriers are taking it slow.

Unlocked HTC One M9 starts seeing Nougat today, carrier models following next year

Today’s the day the unlocked US HTC One M9 follows the HTC 10 on the Android 7.0 Nougat bandwagon, with carrier variants kept waiting.

HTC Hot Deals week kicks off November 21

The discounts are deeper than ever for all the phones, bands and accessories that HTC is currently offering in the US and it starts Monday.

HTC 10 could start receiving Nougat this month, Bolt’s international 10 evo name rumored again

This isn’t officially confirmed yet, but the HTC 10 should probably score Android 7.0 goodies soon, with the 10 evo, aka Bolt, headed for EMEA.

Team HTC members get early access to Black Friday deals on 10, One M9, A9, and more

HTC’s Black Friday deals are already available for US “members” online, including deep discounts on 10, One M9 and A9 phones.

HTC “Free Fone Fridays” in US begins with One M9

If the HTC One M9 is something you would like for free, we have a giveaway for you. If not, stay tuned anyways — this madness is weekly.

HTC One M9 briefly returns to the spotlight in sweet $300 deal

It’s archaic for a high-end phone and vastly inferior to the HTC 10, but at $300, the all-metal, Nougat-ready HTC One M9 feels like a decent deal.

T-Mobile confirms upcoming Nougat updates for two HTC phones, seven Samsungs

T-Mobile is currently waiting for ‘manufacturer development’ of Nougat goodie packs for select HTC and Samsung phones to wrap up.

HTC 10 ‘expected’ to score Nougat in Q4, followed by One M9 and One A9

Android Nougat should start to roll out to the unlocked HTC 10 between September and December, with the One M9 and A9 next in line for 7.0.

T-Mobile Galaxy S6 edge just $330 today only, but there are other deals

If you’re not reading this on July 1 and didn’t get to take $350 off the Galaxy S6 edge, you’ve got a whole July 4th weekend of savings at T-Mobile.

Verizon trade-in program could net you up to $300

If you trade in a major flagship from Apple, Samsung, LG or HTC from last year and it’s in good condition, you’ll likely get close to $300 for it.

HTC One M9+ Prime Camera Edition exists — because the HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition wasn’t enough

There are now three variants of the HTC One M9 that focus on the camera, two of them owing to the device’s main rehash called the One M9+.

Android N to make it to HTC One M9 and other newer phones

It’s after the Google I/O keynote and while we’re still digesting what we’ve learned about Android N, HTC is promising its customers they’ll get it all.

Marshmallow rollout for AT&T’s HTC One M9 and M8 begins now

Following a “slight” delay that felt like an eternity, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is finally gracing the HTC One M9 and One M8 on AT&T over-the-air.

HTC-emulating Samsung Galaxy C5 and C7 tipped to cost only $245 and $275 in China

You might be easily convinced to look the other away when it comes to similarities between the Galaxy C5/C7 and past HTC flagships if this rumor pans out.

Hey look, it’s the HTC-aping Samsung Galaxy C5 yet again

To the disdain of many hardcore fans, the Samsung Galaxy C5 appears to inch closer to a formal announcement, with one too many HTC design similarities.

The Taiwan-only HTC One M9s comes to Europe as the HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition

Just as the HTC One M9+ Supreme Camera Edition exists, the HTC One M9s gets out of Taiwan and goes to Europe with a clunky rebrand.