Final HTC 10 leak puts spotlight on design in official promo video
Stylish or a little on the chunky side? Different or a combination of existing designs? Hottie or nottie? Check out the HTC 10 in full glory and decide.
Qualcomm joins HTC 10 teasing games with word of ‘performance’ Snapdragon SoC
Just in case anyone had any doubts whatsoever about the processor inside the upcoming HTC 10, Qualcomm just essentially confirmed it’s the Snapdragon 820.
Entry-level HTC 10 variant could pack Snapdragon 652 power, 3GB RAM
The looming HTC 10, aka One M10, is tipped to start at a pretty extravagant $585 in China with Snapdragon 652 muscle, 3GB RAM, and 16GB ROM.
HTC 10 tipped to go on sale in Taiwan as soon as April 15
April 12 should see the oft-rumored HTC 10 unveiled in front of an online-only crowd, and three days later, the phone might launch commercially in Taiwan.
HTC 10 stars in fresh pair of live photos, no further revelations provided
Two newly leaked live pics show off the unobstructed face and behind of the upcoming HTC 10, confirming previous visual exposes.
HTC just can’t catch a break, February revenue is lowest on 10-year record
The endless financial limbo dance continues for HTC, which goes lower and lower and lower in terms of both revenues and, presumably, profits.
Blass: use your eyes and you’ll see an HTC 10 event on April 19
It’s right there! It’s right there in the picture! Evan Blass nudges us to look closer into one of his leaks for a date with HTC.
HTC tipped to discard One M moniker: enter the HTC 10 [UPDATE: W10M?]
The oft-rumored, long-in-the-works HTC One M10, aka Perfume, might ultimately go official as just the HTC 10.
HTC 10 stars in new pics, new renders, and gets support for that tweaked name
Some of the best HTC 10 pics to date have just surfaced, including hands-on images of a functional handset.
HTC One M10 video teaser invites us to discover the company’s new obsession
HTC sure isn’t letting out any secrets in its new HTC One M10 video teaser.
HTC One M10 name practically confirmed, f/1.9 rear camera also hinted at
The oft-rumored HTC One M10 is inching closer to a release as, well, the One M10, and its 12MP camera apparently sports f/1.9 aperture.
HTC has “multiple priorities” from a flagship to mobile VR
“We have multiple priorities. Certainly, the phone business is also a priority and still — far and away — our biggest business.”
Did HTC not get the memo on modern storage requirements? One M10 16GB model rumored
What is this, 2014? Rumors of a 16GB HTC One M10 (along with 32GB and 64GB models) place flagship on rung below G5, GS7.
HTC exec promises “very, very compelling camera experience” from One M10
HTC isn’t saying much about its next flagship, but does warn us to look for a killer HTC One M10 camera experience.
Official HTC One M10 teaser adds support for phone’s name, appears to match recent leaked pic
See what the new HTC One M10 teaser has to tell us about the company’s plans for its next flagship phone.
New HTC One M10 leak gives us clear look at phone’s back, but what’s with that beveled edge?
What’s with the sharp-looking beveled edge in this new HTC One M10 leaked pic?
New HTC One M10 pic leaks in white, but the hardware looks a little different
The latest HTC One M10 photo leak suggests the phone might not get the squat-looking home button we’ve seen before.
It’s another 3D render of the HTC One M10/Perfume/O2
We know it’s the junk food of mobile tech news, but like you, sometimes we can’t help ourselves. This HTC One M10 looks a little weird.
Microsoft careers page hints at prospective HTC One M10 for Windows 10
Microsoft seems to be under the impression its HTC partnership is still on, and likely to produce a One M10 for Windows 10 soon enough.
HTC One M10 rumor roundup: everything’s subject to change
Well, given the course of things, we’re a little early for this, huh? If you’re not aware of what kind of phone HTC is putting up in 2016, though, catch up.
HTC One M10’s 12MP UltraPixel camera may be one we’ve seen before
A new rumor claims that the HTC One M10 UltraPixel camera will use the same Sony sensor as on the latest Nexus smartphones – but with OIS.
Tim Cook takes his ball and goes home | Pocketnow Weekly 187
Subpar iPhone pictures, aftermarket repairs that brick your $600 phone, and a phone box that turns into a VR headset! Join us for the latest podcast!
Render asks if this is how the HTC One M10 will arrive
Taking a combination of the recent photo leak and insider info, this HTC One M10 mockup attempts to give us a taste of the phone’s design.
HTC One M10 only expected out stateside in May, ‘One Watch’ a little earlier
The HTC One M10, aka Perfume, has been unlikely to debut at MWC this month for a while, but it’s now tipped for a disappointing May US rollout.
HTC One M10 now tipped for April 11 debut in London, different branding
The HTC One M10, aka Perfume, will not only skip this month’s MWC, but wait all the way until April 11 to go official, according to fresh rumors.