Motorola P30 Note
Motorola P30 Note is the Motorola One Power for China
The Motorola One Power was just announced in China as the Motorola P30 Note. Check out the details and everything there is to know.
Motorola one
Motorola One and One Power announced with Android One
The Motorola One and Motorola One Power are officially the manufacturer’s latest Android One-powered smartphones. Read the details!
Motorola One
These could be the specs of the upcoming Motorola One and One Power
Two different models of the Motorola One have visited the Chinese regulators and we believe they’re the One and the One Power. Check out the specs.
Motorola One
Motorola One benchmark reveals nothing about the global Motorola P30
The Motorola P30 for China will, at one point, be available globally as the Motorola One, and the Motorola One Power. These are its benchmark results.
HTC One M7 updates reach the end of the road: no Android 5.1
The last of the HTC One M7 updates has arrived, with the manufacturer confirming the phone won’t see Android 5.1.
Why aren’t more manufacturers competing with HTC’s BoomSound speakers?
The BoomSound speakers on the One M8 and One M7 are one of the standout features. Read why other OEMs should try front-facing speakers on their smartphones.
The Nexus 5 has optical stabilization at the expense of more megapixels. Good.
Google’s latest Nexus is here – and it’s a doozy. The Nexus 5 camera isn’t without its compromises, but here’s why megapixels matter less than stability.
HTC hooking saved-by-an-EVO-3D guy up with new HTC One
Catch the tail-end of this week’s story about the bulletproof EVO 3D guy, and see what free stuff HTC is sending his way.
gold iPhone 5S
Here’s the real gold iPhone 5S, and the gold HTC One
If you’re looking for the real gold iPhone 5S — and the gold HTC One — you have to check this out (and reach deep in your pockets).
Make your HTC One an official Google Play edition in ten minutes (Video)
Upset that your HTC One isn’t running stock Android? Watch this video to learn how to make your own Google Play edition HTC One in a matter of minutes!
Smartphone speakers are finally clear; now it’s time for them to get loud
Sound clarity is great, but it’s not everything. That’s why smartphones with loud speakers should be the next big focus of mobile manufacturers.
Nokia Ditches Metal-vs-Plastic Battle, Does Both On Same Phone
Prefer your smartphone to be made from polycarbonate, or is metal more your material of choice? Either way, Nokia’s Lumia 925 should strike your fancy.
HTC One Review
This is our full review of the HTC One, complete with comparisons, benchmarks, camera samples and more
HTC One HDR vs Normal Video
HDR (High Dynamic Range) is nothing new; we’ve been using this camera…
UltraPixel vs Megapixel: HTC One & iPhone 5 Camera Shoot-Out
Ultrapixel versus Megapixel. HTC decided to go with a combination of lower overall image size but larger pixels on its sensor. Is it enough when compared to the Apple iPhone 5? Check it out!
UltraPixel vs PureView: HTC One & Nokia 808 PureView Camera Shoot-Out
Ultrapixel versus Pureview. HTC decided to go with a combination of lower overall image size but larger pixels on its sensor. Is it enough when compared to the Nokia 808 PureView? Check it out!
UltraPixel vs PureView: HTC One & Nokia Lumia 920 Camera Shoot-Out
We put the new HTC One UltraPixel camera head to head with the reigning king of smartphone shooters, the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView. Who won? Read our impressions and take in our 50+ photo and video samples to see for yourself.
Megapixels Are Overrated: All We Want Is Awesome Image Quality
The HTC One was announced a few weeks ago with a 4-UltraPixel camera. Some say 4-megapixels isn’t enough. Taylor explains why megapixels don’t carry much weight in smartphone cameras.