2018 iPhones
Ming-chi Kuo can’t pick a price for the iPhone 9
The renowned Apple analyst has put out vague ranges in his latest research note. And we’re only days out from a potential launch event.
Latest guess at iPhone 9 starting price runs high
We’ve been tracking this guesswork for months now and have run from between $550 and $800 as a starting price for the basic iPhone experience.
How much will you pay for Apple’s AirPower charging pad?
AirPower has been a longstanding project for Apple and progress has been in starts and stops. But at the end of the day, there’s a price to apy.
The $1,000 iPhone X didn’t work out for Apple, so expect more LCDs to come
Sources say that LG is set to provide a mix of LCD and OLED displays for 2019’s iPhones. Why? People were turned off by the cost of the iPhone X.
iPhone 9 shells appear and some interesting names suggested
Apple’s favorite way to note year-on refinements to its iPhone series is to use an ‘S.’ Well, guess what sources say is gonna happen this year?
Who’s right about iPhone 9 delays — screen suppliers or Apple?
Some analysts and supply chain sources say that Apple is delaying the launch of this LCD model to allow more expensive ones to sell first and sell more.
You’ll know if you bought a fake iPhone 9 charger
Because it will take forever and a day to charge. Actually, even if it’s a legit charger that properly fast charges according to USB rules, it may not work.
Apple Watch’s eSIM will come to iPhone 9 and company
This year’s new iPhones may feature electronic SIMs and that may have carriers like AT&T and Verizon worried, especially as they’re being investigated.
iPhone 9 will be delayed to let iPhone X sequels sell more
It’s not because there’s any delay in making the most affordable iPhone 9, but that it will be the most popular of three models out this year.
Apple to cut iPhone SE and iPhone X production to start on new iPhones
A cult classic and a premium powerhouse will go away at some point to make room for newer and cooler iPhones due this September.
LG supply chain claims it will make up to 5 million OLED displays for iPhones
That’s more than what was originally reported a week ago and some company blabbers are excited for the orders. So, what’s next? A foldable iPhone?
iPhone 9 fast charging power adapter revealed in pictures
It’s as fast as the rumors have envisioned and their shape looks just as rounded, too. And for many iPhone owners, charging isn’t the best as it can be.
Dummy “iPhone X Plus,” “iPhone 9” have clear cases shown off in video
They’re a little bit red-looking and don’t have displays, but the ideas are shown affirm what has been rumored over the past few months.
LG reportedly secures 2 to 4 million ‘initial’ orders for 2018 OLED iPhone screens
Apple is expected to split display production between Samsung and LG for one of this year’s two OLED iPhone models.
Morgan Stanley projects $899 starting price for the next iPhone X
It’s been thought that 2017’s iPhone X would be the floor from which all such advanced iPhones would start from in terms of price.
Kuo: LCD iPhone is not late, but look for new MacBook Air and iPad Pro with Face ID
Famous (or infamous) Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo is back at a new investment firm and is tackling some predictions on what the company has to offer soon.
6.1-inch LCD iPhone leaked again, this time with a case
Another piece of media affirms what we believe the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone looks like from prior leaks and rumors. So, how much longer ’til the event?
Olixar portrays thick bezels for LCD iPhone and no chance at iPhone SE 2
The bezels are on the most affordable premium iPhone to keep it as the most affordable premium iPhone. What about a would-be cheaper option? It’s scrubbed.
Apple shifting orders for iPhone power management chips this year
German firm Dialog says it will have to share orders to supply power management chips for one iPhone model this fall. That sent its stock tanking.
iPhone X resale value
All three 2019 iPhones could go with OLED screens, according to ‘multiple’ inside sources
Last year’s iPhone X was clearly only the beginning of Apple’s transition to OLED display technology, with two 2018 upgrades likely to be followed by three 2019 iPhones snubbing the LCD tradition.
6.5-inch iPhone X to match 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus size, horizontal Face ID support also coming
That gargantuan 6.5-inch iPhone X (Plus) expected out this fall may not be physically larger than last year’s 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus, while the next-gen 5.8-incher is expected to “use the same body” as the original X.
LG may not be ready to supply Apple with any OLED iPhone screens this year
Apple will reportedly need to rely exclusively on Samsung for OLED iPhone screen production this year as well, as LG is not yet ready to join the supply fold.
Samsung could start OLED screen production for iPhone X sequels as early as next month
They say there are two 2018 iPhone X sequels with OLED panels in the pipeline, and Samsung may want to get an early start on their production.
Direct iPhone X sequel could cost $899, larger model going for $999, LCD price tipped at ‘$700+’
Apple may have settled on a three-iPhone 2018 release strategy with a $700+ LCD model, a 5.8-inch iPhone X follow-up priced at $899, and an OLED 6.5-incher fetching $999.
Next-gen 5.8-inch OLED model tipped as the cheapest of all three 2018 iPhones
There are almost certainly three 2018 iPhones in the pipeline, but the LCD model may not be the most affordable of the bunch after all. Instead, Apple could reduce the 5.8-inch OLED BOM.